Libertarians Give No Love to Atlas Shrugged Part II

Atlas Shrugged Part II, the film based on the fictional novel by Ayn Rand, sought to capitalize on Rand fan Paul Ryan’s candidacy for the GOP VP, but the sequel appears to be doing worse than the original in spite of a stronger cast and a more polished marketing operation.  Where the original Atlas Shrugged grossed about $4.62 million at the Box Office in 2011, or less than an Angels utility infielder makes, the sequel has earned just under $3.3 million since is was released to more than 1,000 theaters on October 12.

Atlas Shrugged Part II is down to 48 theaters nationwide and will likely disappear when the new James Bond flick is released Friday.

Atlas Shrugged Part II had a budget of $20 million.  And the Free Market spoke and declared “Atlas Shrugged I & II” sucked.  But then again, a certain Orange County Congressman continues to base his political philosophy on this terrible novel and not-believable story.  I’d like to get that weekend I read the book back if possible.  “Who is John Galt?”  Who gives a damn? is the better question.


  1. Liberals do not understand Atlas Shrugged because they like the idea of from each according to ability, to each according to need.

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