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You can tell we’re winning by the way they’re whining

If you want to get a handle on who’s winning and who’s losing in the presidential race, turn to social media.  We’re winning and they are whining.  My Facebook exchanges have been downright magical.  One OC Conservative posted that he “refuses to give his consent to be governed by Barack Obama and California Democrats.” One of his pals chimed in that the current government is not a “legitimate government.”

The bellyaching is amazing.

Election night has a long way to go.  I am calling it 332 to 206 for President Obama (I say we’re taking Florida).  The Democrats will hold the Senate but lose a seat to the Republicans.  And the GOP will likely hold Congress but Democrats will cut the number of seats needed for a majority in half.

I’ll be following the downticket races very closely.

Tomorrow, conservative media will whine and complain the Romney lost because he wasn’t conservative enough.  I encourage my Republican friends to keep nominating someone so far to the right that they grab you with them as they fall off a cliff.

Looking at voting trends, this nation, this state and this county are getting bluer by the day.  Should the economy continue on an upwards trend, Democrats will take back the House in 2014.

For those Right Wing nutjobs who won’t consent to be governed by Obama and the Democrats, please move to a nation that low taxes and limited government interference.  I hear Dafur is nice this time of year.