OC’s Scariest Politicos

Happy Halloween!  In our tradition, we offer this year’s edition of OC’s scariest political figures.


#10, Chris Thompson, Fullerton School Board — Distrustful of government, hate unions, can’t wait for the police to investigate? Chris Thompson is your man.  Call him and he’ll hassle teenagers parking in a car on school grounds after dark, or shouting what some might consider a threat, and speaking out against spending unless of course its taxpayer dollars paying for a Cadillac health insurance for his family as he works part time as a school board member.  Favorite expression: “Whatever you say Tony.”

#9, Deborah Pauly, Villa Park City Council — Likely dressing up as Alice in Wonderland so she can go to the Mad Hatter Tea Party and carry on that all Muslims are terrorists.  She’s so scary that the Villa Park city council can’t bring themselves to call her on the carpet she so deserves to be on.

#8, Ed Royce, Congressman — Dressing up like Tattoo from Fantasy Island (Herve’s was taller) and plotting more evil mail against Jay Chen.  There’s something wrong with having a member of Congress be more concerned with what’s going on in Pakistan than what’s happening in Fullerton or Brea. But then again, Royce is too afraid to debate Chen so perhaps a Chick-Fil-A costume is more appropriate.

# 7, Dennis DeSnoo, political consultant.  Starring soon in the live action sequel to “Pinnochio,” where Gepeto, played by DeSnoo, turns wooden and his nose grows all the way to Orange.  Are we calling Dennis a liar here?  What do you think?

#6, Tony Bushala, blogger and King of Bushalaton.  Bushalaton, the city once known as Fullerton, was recently purchased for a modest amount on the back of a murdered homeless man.  The real platform was installing a city council that will march to orders of the King.  Bushalaton is the setting for the new version of “Animal Farm” where everyone is no longer required to pay any taxes, there’s an effort to install a police chief that is likely 420-friendly, DUI stops are an attack on civil liberties instead of a safety precaution, and any criticism of the King is met with vicious personal attacks from anonymous commenters.  Apply more tin foil to that knit cap worn almost year round.  There’s already a place like this in the Universe…it’s called Darfur.

#5, Jerry Amante, Tustin City Council — You have to admire a guy that travels with his own set of Groucho Marx glasses, nose and mustache, but this will be Mr. Amante’s final Halloween as an elected official (we hope).  Amante is one of the more divisive and arrogant politicos to hold office in Orange County.  But we must thank Amante for helping us generate a strong base of sources within Tustin City Hall.  We’re told staff is planning a great goodbye party with T-shirts that feature Amante’s smiling face on the front and the word “don’t let the door kick you in the ass on the way out.”

#4, Claudia Alvarez, Santa Ana Mayor Pro Tem — So scary is Ms. Alvarez that the IE that developed the hit piece that arrived in Voters mailboxes Monday had no trouble raising nearly $4,000 in a short period of time with most of the contributions coming in at $99 so they could stay anonymous.  Is it because she’s vindictive, mean-spirited, and never forgets a political slight? You could say that.  One candidate for Santa Ana City Council told me they believe Alvarez must have files of dirt on everyone in Santa Ana.  Nothing about this woman surprises me.  We hear Claudia Alvarez masks are scaring the crap out of kids at Santa Ana College.  They should.

#3, Jim Righeimer, Costa Mesa Council member –– In Righeimer’s world, Unions are to blame for global warming, rainy days, screwed up take out orders, his own double-chin, and dirty diapers. It wouldn’t be questionable management skills by the council majority in Costa Mesa, a poorly written charter initiative, or a poor grasp of facts.  We’re told Costa Mesa has as much tax money every year as Irvine does despite having fewer residents.  Perhaps the stipends paid to city council members and senior management at the city ought to be chopped first.

#2, The Editorial Desk at the Orange County Register — Want to scare these guys? Ring the bell and instead of “Trick or Treat” say “unions,” “global warming,” “liberals,” and “Democrats.” What they fear most is a left wing voice on their pages because God forbid anyone question the tiny percentage of Californians who are actually Libertarian.

And our winner, Irvine Mayoral Candidate Steven Choi — Even Republicans laugh when they hear Steven Choi speak and it has nothing to do with his accent but his inability to convey a coherent thought.  The “Real Education” candidate in Irvine opposes both Prop 30 and Prop 39 and verbally trashed Measure BB until a July meeting when his opponent Larry Agran announced that there were more than enough signatures to place it on the ballot.  Then he was all for it.  Choi was famous for “belittling history” by appearing at the 2009 Truman dinner posing for photos with photoshopped images of then Speaker Nancy Pelosi as Stalin and as a Nazi SS officer.  Since the man has onion-thin skin when it comes to personal criticism, we’ll see what sort of reaction this Photoshop of Choi as North Korea’s “Dear Leader” invokes from him.  I’m guessing he’ll be OUTRAGED.  He’s never apologized for the disrespect he showed Pelosi and we think this is a good Halloween Costume for Dr. No.


    • I’m sure we could easily expand this. I’d add Christina Shea for her documented threats against Irvine City employees in 1998 and 2008, but she’d deny it. Wonder if anyone saved those voicemails she left for Dave Christensen?

  1. Some visitors, after reading about the “Scariest Politico #9″, Deborah Pauly might be asking themselves: “What do Muslims Want”? What Federal Legislation do Muslims want”?

    A survey has been taken:

    My inner voice of Better Judgment is screaming: ‘Do not provide the link least Congressional candidate Alan Lowenthal advocate for the legislation to prevent Muslims becoming discrimination victims’.

  2. Dan, while you like to criticize Steven Choi for his targeting Nancy Pelosi, here you are doing the same thing to him. Guess that suggests something about your self rightious attitude with the kettle calling the pot black. While Steven may be outraged, you will never know it, because he is too much of a gentleman to respond to your bull shit. I on the other hand, have never claimed to be a gentleman and am responding. One could not help but notice that in your ten moost list, you failed to list the most corrupt politican in the history of Orange County, your BFF, Lary “the King” Agran. By next wek this time, with a small amount of luck, the Agranista attempot to fix the election will have failed and we will have a new Council Majority elected. When Steven Choi, beats Larry Agran for Mayor, that will say all that is needed to be said in response to your crap.

  3. Pat, read the story I wrote on Daigle. There’s no attempt to split the vote. I have emails dating back a year and a half.

    Funny, you never spoke up about the Choi/Stalin/Pelosi thing, so making Choi/Dear Leader was designed to illicit exactly the response I got from you. It’s called playing the game by your rules.

    • Dan, you have a short memory, I did speak up on the Pelosi & Choi issue. My comment was that my only regret was not attending the event and wearing an Anti-Pelosi T–Shirt.

      The woman is a disgrace to honest and well meaning elected officials, both Democrat & Republican. “Yes,” there are a few Republicans I put in the same catagory as Pelosi. The only way Pelosi has survived is that she is from San Francisco.

      I assume the e-mails you are referring to, include those from Patrick Strader? After all, he is Larry’s shill in this mess. If we had a District Attorney with any backbone, Larry Agran would have been investigated and indicted years ago. I believe that both Daigle and Chemers have been sufficiently exposed to the poin where they will not be able to draw that many votes away from the real candidates. Without that, Larry may well loose control of the Council?

      • Patrick –
        The emails between Shea and Daigle. Damning stuff.

        And as far as you wearing an anti-Pelosi T-shirt but still bitching about the photo of Dear Leader Choi, well it hurts when someone hits you will a baseball bat doesn’t it? These are the rules you guys are playing by so quit your bitching when it’s our turn at bat.

        You really believe Daigle and Chemers are Agran plants? Not from the emails between Shea and Daigle dating back to 2011. Shea could have spoken up after Moxley’s story to clear the record, but she’d rather hide behind the lie. Please spare me on the honesty and integrity of your side. I haven’t seen muchn of either.

        Just remember Pat, as a taxpayer I am pleased you reimbursed the city for the legal fees taxpayers had to pay to defend against the politically motivated lawsuit you lost

        • Thank you Dan for appreciating my civic efforts. In my 30 years as an Irvine resident and employee of the City, I have always tried to do my best. My money was spent toward exposing corrupt political activities of Larry Agran, Beth Krom and Sukhee Kang. Just because the funky attorney we had, lost the case, doesn’t mean that the corrupt acts between Agran and Maguire Corporation did no take place. Nothing tried is nothing gained and it was an expensive lesson in how not to hire an attorney.

          • No Patrick. It means the judge in your case decided your case was without merit and you lost. Don’t blame it on a bad lawyer, because most judges can still see the facts and make a decision. Your. side. lost.

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