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Brandman and Leos pick up endorsements from Labor Fed and Solorio

Anaheim City Council candidates Jordan Brandman and John Leos have picked up endorsements from the Orange County Labor Federation and Assembly member Jose Solorio. Both candidates have issued press statements touting the endorsements.

Brandman and Leos are an odd couple in receiving these endorsements. Brandman, a registered Democrat,  has been aligned with the current Council majority which supported the $158 million giveaway of future bed tax revenues to the developers of luxury hotels in Anaheim’s Garden Walk district, while Leos, a Republican, has opposed those subsidies because they did not include community benefit, and project labor, agreements guaranteeing that construction jobs be given to local construction workers.

The duel endorsement of Brandman and Leos provides for a compromise between two factions within the organized labor community. Solorio’s endorsement follows that same path of compromise. Each faction gets something they want.

John Leos

Both Leos and Brandman have a wide variety of endorsements from elected officials. Most notably, Brandman has the endorsement of Anaheim council members Gail Eastman and Kris Murray, and Leos has the endorsement of Anaheim Mayor Tom Tait.

There are two open council seats up for election this November. Council members Harry Sidhu and Lorri Galloway are termed out of their seats. There are nine candidates running for city council in this election.

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  1. Vern Nelson Vern Nelson September 10, 2012

    No, what HAPPENED, as detailed in my story “Disney’s Incest Problem,” is that Disney and the OCEA reached an agreement, where Disney wouldn’t attack Leos and OCEA wouldn’t attack Brandman. Probably at the same meeting that OCEA wangled that great deal for Anaheim employees and simultaneously backed out of funding the “Let the People Vote” initiative.

    Us actual progressives have to remember to support Leos and NOT-Jordan…. which is looking like Chuchua, the more we learn about Kring.

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