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Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer: Mitt, that dog don’t hunt.

Brian Schweitzer
Gov. Brian Schweitzer DNC 2008

In 2008 Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer brought down the house at the Democratic National Convention in Denver, Colorado. Tonight, his remarks didn’t dissapoint the delegates in Charlotte, NC.

Governor Schweitzer recalled his experiences with Mitt Romney when they were both Governors. They were both elected straight from the business world. “We travelled together, to Iraq and Afghanistan,” Schweitzer recalled. “Spend a week in a war zone with a guy and you really get to know him. And I can tell you this: Mitt Romney is a good family man and a loyal American. But—and you knew there was a “but”—he brought the wrong agenda to Massachusetts. And he’s the wrong guy to be President of the United States. Governor Mitt Romney saddled Massachusetts taxpayers with and additional $2.6 billion in debt, and left ’em with the most debt per capita of any state in America. In Montana, tt dog don’t hunt.”

Governor Schweitzer reminded us that Governor Romney said that finding Osama bin Laden was “not worth moving heaven and earth.” Tonight, biin Laden isn’t on earth, and he sure isn’t in heaven. Thanks to the courage of American Special Forces and the bold leadership of our president, Osama bin Laden is at the bottom of the ocean.”