Et Tu Miguel?

Miguel Pulido
Mayor Miguel Pulido - Photo: Chris Prevatt/LiberalOC
Miguel Pulido
Mayor Miguel Pulido – Photo: Chris Prevatt/LiberalOC

There’s an old expression that if you want a friend in politics, buy a dog. And the current election cycle is pitting old friends against each other when it comes to support and endorsements.

Case in point: Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido is a longtime friend of Rancho Santiago Community College trustee Mark McLoughlin.  With resdistricting, McLoughlin, an incumbent, will face off against another incumbent trustee in Dave Chapel and Santa Ana Mayor Pro Tem Claudia Alvarez who jumped into the race for District 5 which includes the North end of Santa Ana, West Santa Ana and parts of Garden Grove and Fountain Valley.

Before Alvarez jumped into the race, Pulido found himself at McLoughlin’s home on August 2 asking assistance from family members of his longtime friend to gather signatures in Santa Ana’s Floral Park neighborhood to be back on the ballot for another term as Mayor.  That night, McLoughlin was driving home from a business trip in Las Vegas and traffic was bad.  He called home to say he’d be late and wound up on the phone with Pulido.  The Mayor explained he was getting help gathering signatures with McLoughlin’s wife and told McLoughlin, “Mark, I’m supporting you and we’re going to get you re-elected.”

Then, Alvarez announced she was running for the Rancho Santiago District seat on August 3.

McLoughlin has been friends with Pulido’s family for years.  And with the announcement by Alvarez, Pulido couldn’t even knock on the door to tell McLoughlin he had a change of heart.  Pulido left a voice mail for McLoughlin that Sunday and the message went something like this:  “I can’t endorse you. I have to endorse Claudia.  It’s a problem, but I hope you didn’t file candidate’s statement yet because I can’t endorse you, I can’t have my name on your candidate’s statement.”

McLoughlin has since endorsed Councilmember David Benavides for Mayor.  It can be argued in Floral Park and North Santa Ana, McLoughlin carries a significant amount of clout and Pulido no longer has four votes on the council to run the city has he has for so many years. But Pulido can count on support from Alvarez on the dias and every other councilmember’s vote is iffy at best.

Like we said.  If you want a friend in politics, get a dog.  And if this case, it looks like the Mayor is Claudia’s bitch.


  1. Claudia’s Bitch is right! I have never seen anyone as low as Miguel. SA polictics are getting worse and worse. If we didn’t have all those other fools (George) running for Mayor we would have a better chance to get Miguel out. David all the way! Don’t vote parties vote for the best person that will do the best job. They shouldn’t look at endorsement either, there are to many politcal favors being done. WAKE UP NORTH OF 17TH. Let’s bring in someone that is truly interested in the community. David Beinvades

  2. Pulido made a choice as he should do. I am sure it was a tough choice, but that is what politics is all about. He knows both candidates well and instead of dodging the issue and being everyone’s friend, he decided that he should be upfront with the people of Santa Ana about who he thought would do a better job. If this was about say a development project on city property and a new bid came in at the last second after he expressed a different preference, everyone would expect him to do the right thing and support the project he thought was better. This is no different. He had a tough decision, but because of changing circumstances, made it and didn’t hide that decision. Politics isn’t always about easy choices and the one he made here was more honest than if he had dodged the issue. I understand McLoughlin being upset, but Pulido’s responsibility to the voters of Santa Ana doesn’t just mean voting on issues as Mayor. It also means sharing his guidance on important issues and this is an important issue. Whatever one thinks of Pulido, he should be respected for having the guts to make a tough call.

    • Miguel did not make “the tough call”, as usual, he did what Claudia told him to do — just what does this woman have on the Mayor that she is able to dictate his every move? She has been in violation of the Code of Conduct many, many, many times and yet she is never punished and always remains in control of this council. And now the Mayor will be supporting his mentor for a seat on the Rancho Board of Trustees…so she will have an elected position until she runs for mayor in two years.

  3. Miguel not controlling the council majority renders him ineffective………….no power. Political and financial support depends on control of the majority council.

    Things have worked out well for Mark as he has aligned with the council majority by supporting Benavidez. This council majority now will have the polical and financial support that comes with the council majority.

    Undestanding this I do not see the advantage of a Alvarez/ Pulido political relationship. Or any ones advantage aliening with Pulido as he does no longer control the council majority.

  4. In case it needs to be said, the leader blogger of NSA is having a stroke over this last sentence. There should be one more sentence in this post. “Pedroza is Pulido’s bitch. He sold out for $5150.”

  5. Just curious what the big draw is that would prompt the likes of Alvarez and Solario to run for RSCCD Trustee? Clout? Money? Keeping one’s foot in the political door? Seems like a step back for both of them.

    • The one question that both of these candidiates should have to answer “yes” to is “Do you promise to serve the entire 4 year term and, if elected, not run for another office until this term has expired?”.
      I’m sure most residents are aware that these candidates are just trying to keep their hand in for 2 years until the state senate seat for that area opens up and they can jump ship and try for that office. This should be an important office where the elected position is a public service, yet some candidates regard it as just a placeholder.
      Solorio already bailed on part of his term obligation when he was a Santa Ana council member, so history tells us he would abandon his post again.

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