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Melahat Rafiei announces a run for DNC


Melahat Rafiei, former executive director of the DPOC and a leading Democratic political consultant in Southern California, has announced she’s a candidate for the Democratic National Committ (DNC).  Having a voice as independent and strong on the DNC would be a boon to Democrats in Orange County and throughout Southern California who often get short support from the national Democratic committees during election cycles.

Here’s Melahat on why she’s running:

There are a lot of people who would tell you I’m a perfectionist.  I am — in theory.  In practice, I believe in trying for the best that’s possible, even when it isn’t perfect.  Our DNC delegation is a good example – it isn’t bad.  But it could be better.  And if something CAN be better, I’ll do all I can to make it happen.

One area where I think we need improvement is in the diversity of our delegation.  That’s one of the main reasons I have decided to run for DNC myself.  It’s also about walking the walk — I started in politics with Governor Dean, and I do believe that democracy is not a spectator sport.

And when I refer to diversity, I mean more than just the fact that I look a bit different than the others in the delegation, although I do think it matters that CA has the opportunity to be the first to elect an Iranian-American to the DNC.   I think I have much more to offer than just a chance to score a first.  I have a track record of pitching in and getting things done, as I demonstrated  working my way up through the Dean campaign, DFA, the Democratic Party of Orange County, and now my own political consulting firm.

So I’ve got the grassroots experience.  Another thing that I think is very important for our delegation — I have extensive experience in successful fundraising in every shade of red and blue in our state.  I truly believe this all adds up to a package that would add value to our delegation and the issues we all care about.

Last, but certainly not least…. Democratic politics has brought a lot of wonderful things into my life (including my husband, Kwame!), and I’d love an opportunity to serve on the DNC as a way of giving something back.

You have 19 votes — please consider me for one of them.