Obama for America Announces New Television Ad: “Go”

Obama in Costa Mesa - Photo: Dan Chmielewski
Obama in Costa Mesa - Photo: Dan Chmielewski

CHICAGO, IL — Obama for America today released a new television ad titled “Go” — which details President Obama’s commitment to the American worker and belief that a strong and growing economy that’s built to last starts with returning to the basic values of fairness and opportunity that made our country great.

From rescuing the auto industry on the verge of financial collapse to cracking down on risky financial deals that crashed our economy, the moment President Obama took the oath of office he has fought for a forward-looking America, where hard work pays off and responsibility is rewarded, where everyone has a fair shot and does their fair share, and everyone from Wall Street to Main Street plays by the same set of rules.  And instead of losing jobs, we are now creating them–4.2 million jobs over 26 consecutive months of private sector growth.

But there’s still more to do to keep America moving forward and restore economic security for the middle class.  That is why President Obama is running for re-election, because America can not afford to go back.

“Go” will air in Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Nevada, New Hampshire, Iowa, North Carolina, Florida and Colorado.


  1. Obama did not “crack down of risky financial deals.”

    Dodd-Frank ‘Financial Reform’ Bill a sellout to Wall Street

    Marcy Kaptur is the Democrat (Ohio 9th) that introduced HR 1489 to reinstate Glass-Steagall, below is her remarks about the Dodd-Frank Bill.

    “The Dodd-Frank Wall Street reform bill did not go far enough in addressing the challenges facing our financial system. For example:
    • It did not replace and strengthen Glass-Steagall, separating commercial banking from investing or speculation.
    • It did not reform the credit rating agencies, which had a starring role in the misdirection of investors, including the fundamental business model of the credit rating agencies.
    • It did not force every derivative to be traded openly and transparently on an exchange.
    • It did not end too big to fail.
    • It did not prevent Wall Street banks from replacing community banks.
    • It did not encourage prudent lending.
    • It did not strengthen support for those agencies finding and fighting fraud in our financial system.
    • It did not properly address the housing crisis.”

  2. Obama time is up! a guy without any executive experience is taking us to a huge expediture ,more than all the previous presidents together!!!!!!!!!. Obama is icompletely inept and doing anything above the level of community organizer. In fact he was crappy too as community organizer. His Chicago neiborghhoods that he tried to orgsnize are still in horrible shape. Vote Chicano Rommey for President!!!!!!!!!.Embrace Dirvesity!!.

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