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The Real Romney — from 1994

I lived in the Boston area from 1988 to 1997; In 1994, I had the pleasure of voting for Senator Ted Kennedy over Mitt Romney. The debates were widely watched and with the magic of YouTube, that highlights of that 1994 debate are available for anyone to see.

Hear Mitt Romey in his own words defend pro-choice, GLBT issues, and women’s issues.  I have to wonder if Mitt still provides one day a week in service to those less fortunate than himself.

The joke goes, “A Liberal, a Moderate and a Conservative walk into a bar.”  The Bartender says, “Hi Mitt.”

On the issue of his political beliefs, Ted Kennedy is right.  Mitt Romey is multiple choice.  Have fun defending Romney as a conservative when John Kerry was famously dubbed a flip flopper.  Have fun blasting President Obama’s use of the killing of Osama bin Laden and decrying it’s use in the campaign when Geiorge Bush and Rudy Guiliani utters “9/11” at the drop of a hat.