Progressive Politics with Loretta Sanchez

Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez held a fundraiser and get together at her Santa Ana home this afternoon and laid out her plan to seek re-election.  For OC Democrats, it was sweet music.  Sanchez plans to work hard to earn every vote and she isn’t taking this race for granted.  Namely, Sanchez has 80,000 new constituents, mostly in Orange that are now part of her district due to redistricting.  So that’s a lot fo neighborhoods to walk and doors to knock on and she seeks her seat, weak Republican field and all.

The difference in the number of seats needed for the Democrats to retake Congress isn’t all that much.  And with a weak Republican presidential candidate and the continued GOP War on Women, Speaker Boehner’s tenious hold on his Tea Party majority

Also in attendance, Assembly candidates Sharon Quirk-Silva and Joe Dovingh (AD-65 and AD 72 respectively); Steve Young, a candidate for State Senate, was there, along with former Congressional candidate Ken Arnold and former Assembly candidate Melissa Fox and her family.  But hark, not a single candidate from the hot AD-69 race. The crowd was warmly welcomed by Sanchez’s husband, Jack Einwechter, who’s spent considerable time in my neck of the woods in upstate New York.  DPOC Executive Director Nick Anas was also there.

We got the sense this wasn’t going to be the last event like this at the Congresswoman’s home.  So keep your eyes peeled here for future updates.

Quirk-Silva’s candidacy seemed to fire up the crowd a bit and she was almost as popular as Rep. Sanchez.  Sanchez notes that Quirk-Silva’s race is “one to watch” and one that the Congresswoman will lend help to the popular Fullerton mayor.



  1. You forgot to mention the Honorable Lorraine Prinski who is seeking a second term on the Coast Community College Board. She will be in the 11/12 General Election. She is pictured above with Mayor Silva.

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