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Occupy OC-Irvine Protesters Can Camp Over Night

OccupyOC-Irvine Protesters (Photo: Dan Chmielewski)

IRVINE, CA — In what was a rare converging of Republicans and Democrats on the Irvine City Council, in a 5-0 vote yesterday, the Council decided to allow the Occupy protesters to camp overnight on the lawn in front of City Hall.

After holding a march and rally a couple weekends ago that drew close to 1,000 participants, the protesters wanted to Occupy Irvine in solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street protests. However, since the park is closed nightly from 10 pm to 6 am the Irvine Police Department had denied requests to camp overnight. Councilman Jeff Lalloway told the protesters; “I don’t see how sleeping on our lawn really helps, but … if you want to sleep on our lawn, sleep on our lawn.” Councilman Stephen Choi noted; “You are getting special, exceptional treatment. This is maybe a small accomplishment you should be proud of.”

In a story posted on OC Weekly’s Navel Gazing blog Brandon Ferguson reported:

Referencing the police’s approach to protesters, which has witnessed officers corralling people to the sidewalks every night after 10 p.m. and asking them to keep moving until 6a.m., Councilman Larry Argran, explained, “They don’t always get it 100 percent right. And we don’t always get it 100 percent right. This is a new kind of demonstration.” Agran, who is also a lawyer, then read a series of passages from the city code that he said will allow a prolonged assembly with city approval. He added the council had ample room legally to facilitate protesters wishes.

This decision is in distinct contrast to the response from elected officials in other cities in Orange County (Santa Ana) and California (Oakland), who have arrested protesters camping overnight. Only in Irvine could Right and Left come together and agree to let people exercise their 1st Amendment rights of free speech and assembly.


  1. francisco barragan francisco barragan October 26, 2011

    What a great example of the community coming together, and city government respecting the right to peaceful assembly.

    Thank you Irvine City Council and citizens and committee volunteers!!!!

    The grass may get trampled, and this is a small price to pay because it can be resod, but this decision ensures constitutional rights are not eroded or trampled as in other cities.

  2. henry lipton henry lipton October 26, 2011

    This is a step in the right direction for irvine City Council members.

  3. Jeff Gallagher Jeff Gallagher October 26, 2011

    I stopped by and spoke to many of these folks last Thursday, after Drinking Liberally. They are passionate and dedicated to this cause. And, Irvine City Council should be commended for working with them to allow what could be one of the greatest mass protests across our wonderful Country. I see @Occupy is coming to Tustin. Bring it on!!!

  4. Robert Lauten Robert Lauten October 27, 2011


    The Irvine branch of Occupy Wall Street now has permission to ruin the lawn, (under their tents), at the Irvine Civic Center, so therefore what? Where’s the victory?

    Irvine mayor Sukhee Kang is also a Congressional candidate running against the incumbent John Campbell who happens to be on the Financial Services Committee. On their campaign web sites neither has anything to say about Wall Street reform, banking reform, derivatives reform, Federal Reserve System reform, both are ‘politics as usual’ candidates.

    Suggestions for campers:
    Brake camp, save the grass, (Not the “grass” you smoke, – the lawn type).
    Protest at Campbell’s campaign headquarters, (he might not feel he needs one).
    Ignore candidate Kang, he has nothing useful to say. The action is here, we want to reinstate Glass-Steagall, H.R. 1489.

  5. Gerald Pechenuk Gerald Pechenuk October 27, 2011

    Scandalous Behavior by Michelle Obama should be targetted by the Occupy Irvine demonstrators and people of good faith everywhere.
    TO WIT: Michelle Obama will be leading a fundraiser in Houston, Texas on Novemeber 1, 2011 at the River Oaks Mansion of Super Hedge Fund Trader, John Trader.
    TO WIT: John Arnold is PART of the 1%, NOT PART of the 99%
    TO WIT: Occupy Irving Represents the 99% NOT THE 1%
    TO WIT: John Arnold made his money working for the notorious 1% Comany Called Enron.
    TO WIT: Michelle and her pet husband Barack, represent and identify with the 99%.
    Case Closed. Get on to put the 1% on lockdown with the re-instatement of the Glass-Steagall Act!!!!!!

  6. Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski October 27, 2011

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