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Amante Supporters Organized Harrassment Against the Recall


Time to fight fire with fire.  Supporters of Tustin Mayor Jerry Amante (let’s just call him “il duce” after all) are organizing to harrass supporters of the RecallAmante effort.

We were forwarded an email from one of Jerry’s biggest fans.  We’re posting and suggest that supporters of the Recall of Il Duce bring their own cameras and video cameras to record the interactions.  We believe Pam Gooderman is the lady in the red blouse in the photo above.  She spoke out in support of the Mayor when the recall petition was delivered. 

From: Pamela Gooderham <email redacted>
Subject: Urgent
Date: Wednesday, July 13, 2011, 9:37 AM

It appears that the Recall folks are have a couple of mini rallys and are going door to door in Columbus Square in the Legacy. The overall development site is bordered by Edinger Avenue to the north, Kensington Park Drive to the east, Valencia Avenue to the south, and Severyns Road to the west.  

The two rallys are being held Wed evening (July 13th) and on this Saturday at the main Park/Courtyard in Columbus Square. 

Where there is no aspect of any malfeasance, as a club we are against the effort to remove a Republican Mayor, especially as Forbes has named Tustin as one of the top 25 places to live well and, unlike our neighbors, The City of Tustin has reserves and is in the black.

It is in our best interests to counter this effort. If you can help and team up with a buddy and get down to these rallys with counter signs it would be fantastic. All I did was to follow them and interject when they stopped someone and I respectfully asked the would-be signee to check out the facts before they signed as they will find that the accusations within the recall are false.

The people collecting the signatures should have the recall accusations AND the rebuttal from the person accused in the recall. If they do not have this ask them for their name, take a note of the date and time, and we can put in an objection. Also, people collecting the signatures have to reside in the city.

Ask they signature collectors where they live – take a photo of them with your cell phone. If someone not residing in the city has signed a page of signatures validating them and they do not reside in the city they do so on penalty of perjury.

If the balance of power changes in the City of Tustin from Republican to Democrat – we’re ALL going to suffer. They want to spend those fiscal reserves
and they will stop at nothing. The recall is false, and if they don’t have Mayor Amante’s rebuttal or the signature gathers don’t live within the city they are
cheating too.

We HAVE to stop this at all costs. Please would you form teams and help? Any questions call Pam on 949 XXX-XXXX.
Please note the phrase ” they are cheating too.”

Would this be an admission that Amante has directed his supporters to do everything legal or otherwise to thwart a recall effort?  I’ll inviote Pam to tell us what exactly in the Recall Petition is False? 

And for those members of TUSD parents, teachers, administrators and board members, go back and look at that video of Amante blasting the school district again.  And please let Pam know where she’s wrong.  Trust me, she’ll be reading every comment you post here.


  1. Angry Tustin resident Angry Tustin resident July 15, 2011

    Are you surprised at Il Duce’s hench people out against the recall effort. It is a shame there hasn’t been any press about the recall, but then again the Tustin News and the Register are in Jerry’s pocket. Nothing like a free press. The type of activity this lady is proposing is the same tactics that Nazi and communist activities did during their reign of terror.

  2. brian herdeg brian herdeg July 15, 2011

    If the press will not cover it, get the public to go to the Internet. The recently retired Superintendent of the Tustin Unified School District, Dr. Richard Bray,
    wrote a 9 page rebuttal to Mayor Amante’s defense.He also has an idea of why the City of Tustin decided to buy itself out of the contract with the City Manager they hired. It is a serious money concern as Mayor Amante continue their policies. He may have the suport of Republican organizations, but a good number of residential Republicans are fed up. Go to the
    Tustin Unified School District on the Internet and
    click on the box LAWSUIT. READ Dr. Bray’s rebuttal.


    These were not a planned “rallies” or demonstrations. The purpose of this activity was to allow the Columbus Square RECALL AMANTE volunteers to simply collect signatures of residences that were missed during their precinct walk. This is an effort of convenience for the residence and volunteers.

    It is really sad that Amante supporters would go to this extreme to voice their opinion of the recall. The author of the email is obviously not well informed about local City government. The City Council is a NON-PARTISAN position that is to serve ALL the people of Tustin, not just the ones that follow their political ideology. Why would someone even write a message using the sentence with a “balance of power” for a non-partisan office?

    One of the greatest problem’s with Amante is that he doesn’t realize that he was elected to a non-partisan position. It’s great to have a party affiliation; it’s another to let yourself be blinded by the truth. Wake-up … a the City level it’s about what’s best for ALL involved.

    Thanks to all the Tustin voters of EVERY political party affiliation that have already signed the RECALL AMANTE petition. With your continued help we can look forward to making our goal a reality.

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