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State Senate Approves Cockfighting Crackdown Bill

SACRAMENTO – The state Senate approved Senate Bill 425 on Thursday. The bill, introduced by Democratic Senator Ron Calderon, would increase the minimum fines for both cockfighting ring participants and spectators.

According to Calderon the legislation is needed because while cockfighting is illegal in all states, California doesn’t categorize many related violations as felonies.

“California is basically a welcome mat for this kind of activity because we have relatively weak laws,” Calderon said. 

A fly on the wall in a Fullerton High School classroom overheard a Santa Ana City Councilman say to his students that this bill should have also made it legal for someone to steal fighting roosters on humanitarian grounds. (#notintendedtobeafactualstatement)


  1. junior junior May 22, 2011


    When I saw the headline I figured that the “Tin Man” would be mentioned.

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