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President Obama Pokes Fun at Himself, Trump, and Others at Correspondents’ Dinner

WASHINGTON, D.C. — In the spirit of bringing the lighter side of political news to you; President Barack Obama, a true American, spoke at the 2011 White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner. At the annual event Saturday, the President joked about the year in politics, but also in the movies — sharing that there is a sequel to the film the King’s Speech in the works that touches close to home.


Here’s the video of the President’s remarks at the dinner.



  1. Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski May 2, 2011

    I just watched Seth Meyers rp Trump a new one and the video footage shows a scowling Donald; the man has no sense of humor at all

    • Kathy Findley Kathy Findley May 3, 2011

      How can you say The Donald has no sense of humor? Have you seen his hair???

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