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Posts published in April 2011

Voices From Street Corners (Vol 19): Reflections

As we are witness to the Presidential Beauty Pagaent and the complacent media before us, the World has continued to implode and change before our very eyes. What has happened in the Middle East is nothing short of remarkable. It has been a grass-roots effort that prompted many to rethink long-standing beliefs. It is startling to see someone like Hosni Mubarak who up to five months ago could do no wrong is now confined to a Cairo Military Hospital under virtual arrest for corruption. Beyond the World, though, there are the continued challenges at home.

Miguel Pulido: What Brown Act?!

At this point I've all but given up on Miguel Pulido and the Santa Ana City Council ever figuring out how to comply with California's open meetings law, the Brown Act. No matter how many times I bring it up, no matter how many emails and inquiries sent, Miguel, and his City Attorney's just don't get it.