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A Close Community: Repair Costa Mesa Drops Third Ad

COSTA MESA — Repair Costa Mesa has dropped their third TV spot in response to the arbitrary, hasty, and misguided decision of the Costa Mesa City Council to outsource virtually all of their staff other than their police department.


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  1. brian colclough brian colclough May 11, 2011

    Repair Costa Mesa? I agree 100% and let’s start by getting rid of dead weight. That’s right…dead weight. Why pay a city employee to do something a private company does better, more efficiently and for less money.

    Big picture people the citizens want the jobs done right regardless whether they work for the city or not.

    See the problem is all city workers…yes even the good ones feel they are lifetime employees and have not a care in the world.

    Why is it such a problem to do the right thing? Do Costa Mesa residents really want to pay more for the same service?

    For those all about creating jobs. think about what happens when that job is transferred from the city to a private worker. Circle of life people…we learned that from Lion King. Where one door closes another opportunity arises and i am just sick and tired of hearing the bitching and moaning about the “sacred cow” jobs and how cities cannot cut. The first people to cut should be cities/counties/states/fed.

    Why are Gov’t entities not run as minimal as can be? it seems they want to do as much as possible instead of as little as possible. Gov’t needs to stop thinking big and start thinking about their citizens and cutting back and being fiscally responsible needs to be priority #1. No Gov’t job should ever exist of the private sector can do it better, for less.

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