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What Jerry Amante Didn’t Want Tustin Residents To Hear


TUSD trustee James Laird was denied the chance to have his comments entered into the public record last night after Tustin Mayor Jerry Amante refused to recognize him; Laird’s commentary was cut off from the official video of the meeting last night.

But we have YouTube and the court of Public Opinion.  And the YouTube statement can be viewed in three parts.

My only complaint is Laird did go on too long; most public comments are three to five minutes.  But shame on Amante for not allowing them to begin with.  It was very clear to anyone watching the tape that Laird’s initial comments were intended to help get kids in school out of the meeting and back to their homework as quickly as possible.  Amante used his position to prevent Laird from speaking.

Lastly, Amante chided the audience for cheering, booing or clapping out of order; he certainly didn’t admonish his supporters when they were lauding praises on him the night he was served with a recall petition.

Speaking of the recall petition, the Tustin City Clerk rejected the petition signed by 30 members of the community seeking to recall Amante.  The group tells me they followed a template for the petition to the letter, yet it was rejected and the clerk wasn’t very helpful about what exactly needed to be fixed.  It looks like Tustin City Hall is more interested in playing Ping Pong on the submission for recall process.  The group will seek counsel from county officials and state officials, and legal remedies exist if this process is delayed. 

It’s pretty clear from Amante’s performance at Monday night’s “emergecy” meeting where they was no emergency that support for a recall is growing.  How many of those kids who spoke are getting ready to be registered voters?

Here’s part two and part three.


  1. keepdapeace keepdapeace April 27, 2011

    This is typical of how Tammany Hall Tustin works under the benevolent reign of Boss Twee Amante. Regardless of the issue, the fight between the city and TUSD being just one of many, Amante insists on promoting his ideas over that of others. I am not surprised that Amante would not let any adverse (read true) comments go on record. And, his behavior toward those who would clap, hoot and holler in support of an issue or speaker are quickly dealt with the aluminum foil hand of Amante. It was fortunate that the vote required to deal with this issue required four-fifths vote and that Gavello and Gomez had not mysteriously taken sick or had an accident. If Amante did not have to notify all of the councilmembers of the emergency meeting, he probably would have “forgotten” to notify the two.

  2. Angry Tustin Resident Angry Tustin Resident April 27, 2011

    Although Laird went a bit over board, boss Amante could have mitigated this by letting him speak after all the othe speakers have spoken. However, boss Amante considered Laird as the enemy after James had initiated a brtief demonstration before the recess. It is a shame that Al Murray has decided to throw in with boss Amante. However, if the city loses the lawsuit with the district, Nielsen should be the next one being recalled, since he will be mayor next year.

    • Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski Post author | April 27, 2011

      Is Lisa Woolery really on record as saying “Jerry Amante is vindictive”? Did I hear Laird correctly here (the sound isn’t the best)

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