Repair Costa Mesa Releases Second Video – Better Choice

The community group Repair Costa Mesa has put out another video which as been airng on cable in the Costa Mesa. Titled Better Choice, this video questions why the is spending so much on management new hires, no-bid contracts, and perks while issuing layoff notices to 213 city workers.


It really must be annoying to Mayor Gary Monahan who runs a sports bar. We hear that he keeps having to change the sports channel in his bar every time the comercials air.


  1. The video claims that half the city employees were laid off. But Chris’ report accurately says only layoff NOTICES were given.

    Do they really think the truth won’t eventually come out?

    I’m for the workers but lies like this can only be harmful to the cause

  2. Ditto Randy’s comment. Beginning that commercial with a flat out lie does not help the cause and only gives the opposition ammunition. It was completely unnecessary.

  3. Maytor Kilt, The Bever, Riggy, and his pony boy Menssy don’t care what the public thinks. Recall is the only thing that’ll stop them.

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