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Rep. Michele Bachmann lands post on Intelligence Committee

Rep. Michele Bachmann

When I saw this headline I said to myself, this has got to be a joke. Nope, it’s true, the member of the 112th Congress with the least intelligence will be serving on the House Intelligence Committee. NBC’s Michael Isikoff reports:

The country has a new guardian for its national security secrets: Rep. Michele Bachmann.

The outspoken Minnesota Republican and Tea Party favorite has been tapped by House Speaker John Boehner for a coveted slot on the House Intelligence Committee, giving her a new role as overseer of the CIA, the National Security Agency and the rest of the U.S. intelligence community.

The move  comes as Bachmann is seeking to burnish her national security credentials as she weighs a possible run for higher office.

The selection of Bachmann to serve on the Intelligence Committee has already created a buzz among  her House colleagues, especially among Democrats who noted her penchant for provocative and sometimes unsubstantiated statements on a range of issues.

Bachmann, for example, was one of a number of conservatives who fueled false claims that President Barack Obama’s trip to India after the election was costing taxpayers $200 million a day. (When challenged, Bachmann told the BBC she was only “quoting a newspaper out of India.”)

Read the rest of the story here.

Folks, this is what happens when you vote to place the patients in charge of the insane asylum.


  1. Neale Smull Neale Smull January 15, 2011

    She’s prepping her resume for a run for higher office.

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