More Election Picks- Including SANTA ANA

So time to conclude some of my elections picks for this year. I will begin with a some other races and go into Santa Ana, which has been quite contentious this go round, with our esteemed blog being right in the middle of the action.

Tustin Unified School District

Jonathan Abelove and Lynn Davis- Although I live in the City of Santa Ana, I actually live in the Tustin Unified School District. I have been impressed at what a well run district this is, where there have been little politics and dramatics and all interests seem focuses on helping the children learn. Two years ago, Jerry Amante decided to insert politics into the school district and worked to block their proposed school bond from passing, one that has been a model for good oversight and having projects done on time. Yet, Jerry Amante decided to step on the rights of school children to have a quality education in order to further his own political ambition. The TUSD board struck back with a vengeance and have stood up to his rediculous bullying. So please join Irvine Mayor Sukhee Kang, Councilwoman Beth Krom and myself in re-electing Jonathan Abelove and Lynn Davis.

Buena Park City Council and Fullerton School District

I am including these two together because we have two Young Democrats running, Jerry Kong for the Buena Park City Council and Aaruni Thakur, who is running for the Fullerton School District. I consider the two of them friends and want to encourage all our readers within their jurisdiction to vote for them. They are fine examples of the future of Orange County.

Santa Ana Unified School District

John Palacio and Audrey Yamagata-Noji

I have been a longtime supporter of Palacio, to that was a no-brainer. I have been quite critical of Noji in the past, but there are certain circumstances that have come about that will make re-electing her a must. I may disagree with her management style, but I honestly believe she has the best interests of the children at heart. The same cannot be said for her main challenger- ART PEDROZA. I can personally attest to his vindictiveness and am a personal victim of just what he will do simply for not agreeing with him. Now imagine him on the dias what he might do to a critical parent who denounces him at a school board meeting. Will he out their address on the blog, will he out the student’s school file, or their special education file. His “venganza” would open up the school district to so many lawsuits, they would have to declare bankruptcy. Our children do not need to suffer from this man’s mental illness. Please re-elect Palacio and Noji.

Santa Ana City Council Ward 2

I will be writing in the name of my good friend and Ward 2 resident Phillip Bacerra. I started out a true believer in Michele Martinez. I believed she had a lot of potential and had an inspiring story to go along with it. Then something happened. Some say the Mayor influenced her, some say Sean Mill did, ultimately I don’t blame them because she is a grown human being and can think for herself. Either way, she backstabbed all the people who believed in her and supported her even when people said not to support her. I lost faith in what I had hoped would be a new kind of leadership for Santa Ana. So please write in Phillip Bacerra for Ward 2.

Santa Ana City Council Ward 4

The only incumbent worth re-electing, David Benavides. In the mold of great local electeds like Janice Hahn, David is currently the ONLY Councilmember who meets with his constituents on a regular basis. He is a good man whose heart is in the right place. Re-elect David Benavides.

Santa Ana City Council Ward 6

Helen Martinez- Although she is far from perfect, she is the best alternative to Sal Tinajero. Once again, this is another Councilmember I have become disillusioned with. I even worked for Sal in his re-election to the SAUSD Board in 2004. The Sal then and the Sal now are two completely different people. I don’t even know the man anymore. The Sal before he got on the City Council was a good upright human being who cared about people and the students of Santa Ana. All of a sudden he started hanging around Claudia Alvarez and Sean Mill and he changed. What is it about those two that they seem to poison anyone they hang around. Why is it people allow themselves to be changed by Sean and Claudia? I still have hope Sal will find the light side of the “force” once again , but for now I cannot support the man. Vote Helen Martinez.

Santa Ana MayorTo the shock of no one, I will be voting for ALFREDO AMEZCUA. I have always left the door open to supporting Pulido if he just began to respect the constituents he serves. He never learned and never did the about face where he actually put the Santa Ana residents first, even when so many people urged him to do so. Amezcua, on the other hand, has all the qualities that I believe would make a good Mayor. I first met Amezcua on the night of the Nativo Lopez recall at the Registrar of Voters(along with then Councilmember Solorio). I spoke more with Solorio at that first meeting, but encountered Amezcua about a month later at an SAUSD meeting where I went to observe the discussion on comprehensive sex education. Amezcua was there for another reason, and he was talking tough, telling the remaining board members they need to shape up as well and run the district right. I finally got to know him personally after I moved to Santa Ana in 2004. We were in opposition to One Broadway Plaza, but he was always respectful and was the type of person who worked to try and bridge the differences we had on the issue. I was impressed and proudly backed him for his election to the RSCCD Board.

IN the first year I encourtered Al, I saw two sides, one who is willing to compromise and work together and bridge differences, and another who is not afraid to get going when the going gets tough after diplomacy has failed. That is what we need in a Mayor and I ask all our readers to support Alfredo Amezcua for Mayor of Santa Ana. IT IS TIME FOR A CHANGE!

photo by Lou Delgado


  1. Why would you ever recommend putting a write in candidate that has not been pre-qualified on your ballot? That’s just not a very good idea.
    According to one of the poll workers I talked to, your entire ballot can be disqualified for putting silly names on there.
    Now Phil Bacerra would probably be a good choice (way better than Martinez) but he didn’t run.
    Leave ward 2 blank!

  2. He seems like a nice guy…talks well, but so do most all politicians.
    1 questions: How can the man who is a defense attorney, let alone a big time gang member attorney legitimately stand up against crime? If it were an oil tycoon getting a grant for developing an electric car, you would question the same.

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