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More on that whole Pulido pays for his AQMD car expenses B.S.

Miguel Pulido

I don’t usually like to quote Art Pedroza on anything, however I have to make an exception in this case. Back on September 1, 2010 Art Pedroza wrote that the media, specifically the Voice of OC, had misrepresented the facts regarding Miguel Pulido’s use of a hybrid vehicle provided by the AQMD. Pedroza wrote:

Pulido has been on the hook this entire time for flat tires and mechanical problems, and he pays to recharge the car’s battery. He has also had to pay to have the car towed a number of times. But that is part of the testing process, and Pulido is a true believer in green energy consumption.

Well, it has taken some time, and after a tremendous amount of obstruction from the AQMD legal counsel’s office, we have managed to get to the truth of the matter.

While I am not sure if Mr. Pedroza misstated what Mayor Pulidio had told him, or if Pulido or Pedroza are simply making stuff up. What I am sure of is that the conclusion that Pulido was on the hook for expenses related to the hybrid AQMD vehicle is 100% FALSE.

Mayor Pulido's AQMD provided Prius

In addition to the $21,990.87  in compensation and reimbursements that I previously reported Pulido had received from AQMD in 2009, Mayor Pulido’s CalCard charges paid by the AQMD for calendar year 2009 were $1,782.32.  His CalCard is only used for fuel purchases for the clean air demonstration vehicle. The AQMD has also confirmed that all expenses related to the clean air demonstration vehicle are paid for by the AQMD. Mayor Pulido does not pay any of those costs. The only exception to that would be the small amount of cost involved in recharging the battery to that vehicle from home.

Pulido’s total compensation and reimbursements for his position as a board member now sits at $23,773.19. Talk about your green consumption.

You know this really wouldn’t have been a story had Pulido and company, including the AQMD, not tried to cover up the facts.

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  1. art lomeli art lomeli October 25, 2010

    I believe Pulido told Doug Irving of the Register in an interview that he paid for the car repairs. A LIE. Verify it with Doug.

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