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Mayor Vs. Amezcua- Show Us The Money

photo by Lou Delgado

Campaign finance statements came out yesterday for the Santa Ana city candidates, in which all of them turned it in except for Sal Tinajero, as my co-blogger pointed out. The one I was curious to check out was the Mayoral statements, primarily for Alfredo Amezcua and Miguel Pulido. You can review Pulido’s statement HERE and Amezcua’s statement HERE.

It should be noted, the Mayor raised $17,996 in this cycle between July 1 and September 30. So far this year he has raised $63,567, which is interesting, because a party insider once told me that the Mayor raised over $100,000 at one fundraiser alone. Looks like a lot of the pledges stiffed him. He spent $36,599.78 leaving only $8,400 in the bank. That is right, the “mighty” Pulido is facing his most serious challenger yet and only has $8,400 cash on hand to spend. That’s not the way one wants to start the last month of the campaign. Indications from spending on the campaign itself seems to be on signs and maybe one mailer and campaign literature. Sounds like the Mayor has some work to do. Or is there some outside stream of money we do not know about. We all know that the Police and Fire Unions always dump a lot of money into the incumbents as their “Public safety team.” But with Amezcua seriously challenging him, it is going to take more than just their I.E. to win. $8,400 is not enough to beat a tough challenger and not a number I would want to be publicized.

Amezcua, on the other hand, raised $11,893 in this cycle for a total of $20,091 this year. He also put $30,000 more of his own money into this race and has a whopping $85,720.93 cash on hand going into the final month of the election. He has only spent $32,000 of his money so far. Alfredo has a clear cash advantage at this point which really makes this a toss up race. With all of Pulido’s bad publicity lately, this is not good news.

One other point to make, in this cycle Miguel Pulido received contributions 23 separate donors, in which only 1 was from Santa Ana and the remaining 22 have no small business in the city. On the other hand, Alfredo Amezcua received contributions from 30 separate donors, 13 of them who reside in Santa Ana and another 8 of them own a small business in the city, bringing it to 21 out of 30 from average folks who care about the directions of this city while Miguel is getting donations from groups who are seeking contracts to absolutely nothing for our city except reap our tax dollars.

As we head into the closing stretch, it will be interesting to see what will happen. The outlook is definitely bright for Amezcua.


  1. mary mary October 7, 2010

    Vote for an 100% independent from donations and back door deal for Mayor of Santa Ana. GEORGE COLLINS…Independent and Integrity Proven!!!!!!!!!!!!Aren’t you agree with it?. I’m looking foward to read your answer if you don’t delete my comment!

    • Repulsed Repulsed October 7, 2010

      Don’t confuse Liberal OC with that other blog OJ. Dan and Chris post everything except profanity. That being said, Mary, why waste your vote for a critically important race on a guy who could NEVER win. This is the second time he put himself on the ballot with no chance of winning. All he did the last time was make it eaiser for that crooked sleaze ball Fat Sal to win ward six. Is he just delusional? How much harm can he cause this time

    • Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski October 20, 2010

      Mary — Post your comments; we will not delete it unless you libel someone, pretend to be someone else, or use profanity. We even post comments critical of us, unlike our friends at the OJ blog.

  2. mary mary October 7, 2010

    Why are you so sure the a honest and ordinary citizen from Santa Ana can NEVER win, unless he or she is part of style and politics like pulido and amezcua,by the way BOTH OF THEM ARE PART OF WHAT HAVE TURN SANTA ANA TO THE LEVEL OF CORRUPTION THAT WE ARE NOW!
    Are you playing the race card?.Why should vote for somebody that hae been supporting pulido’s machine for years and years(amezcua)and now wants to be another papy pulido. VOTE COLLINS!!!!!!!!!!!.
    Embrase Diversity!!!!!!!!!.

    • Repulsed Repulsed October 8, 2010

      Wow Mary! It amazes me how you somehow managed to shoehorn in the “racecard”…….sigh

      Collins could NEVER win because he has 0 name recognition. Nobody knows him other than a handful of folks in ward 6 and a few more that have had his camera in their face at City Hall.
      Other than that, he has no history of civic involement, or even leadership at the neighborhood level. Zip, nada, nothing. THAT is why Collins can’t get elected.
      Now, just for fun, would you like to share with us a story, or an example of just how Amezcua has lead us to the level of corruption we seeing today.

      • mary mary October 8, 2010

        Seens to be that you are “one of the few that know him”
        Vote Collins!!!!!!!!!! REAL CHANGE!!!!!!!!!

  3. gabriel san roman gabriel san roman October 8, 2010

    We’ll see how it all plays out from now until November. The ‘Pulidiato’ strikes again. That cat’s all about importation, like Diaz’s welcoming U.S. railroad companies into his country…

  4. Claudio Gallegos Claudio Gallegos October 8, 2010

    Pulidiato- I LIKE IT!

  5. Joe Joe October 8, 2010

    It’s about time someone is taking it to this !! has taken advantage of this city that is in need of real leadership. I wonder why he chose to have the worst rated company get the bid for the rail car… Maybe it was the secret meetings there are no minutes for… or maybe, just maybe, it was the fact that city employees advised him to choose the best rated company! The problem is that Santa Anan’s do not have all of the information on this guy and we keep relying on him and his bosom buddies in the city council to take care of problems instead of themselves! On the good side, he just started repaving “some” streets in Santa Ana. It probably has nothing to do with the election I’m sure!! In any case, the only person that has been an advocate for our children’s education and the betterment of our quality of life, and has the record to prove it, is Alfredo Amezcua… I say get out there and let your voice be heard Santa Ana… It’s time to rise up and say “NO MORE POLITICS, JUST ACTIONS!!” VOTE AMEZCUA a candidate we can trust to do what’s right for our city not for himself!!!

  6. Martin Iniguez Jr. Martin Iniguez Jr. October 20, 2010

    I am not old enough to vote but if i could I would vote for Amezcua he is the real change Santa Ana needs. I don’t want to live my whole entire life with the same Mayor he has been in office ever since I was born. Pulido has no idea how bad our school system we need change and FAST. Please people if you can vote please vote for AMEZCUA our community needs a real leader and not mayor 4 life.

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