SSA Manager transferred after allegations of workplace campaigning on behalf Ceci Iglesias

I’ve been digging into how Iglesias managed to continue working for the County while she was in a federally funded position for 8½ months in violation of federal law. It appears that SSA management turned a blind eye towards her campaign activities. My investigation has uncovered the probable cause for her ultimate resignation on May 21, 2010. Around the end of April and early May, Iglesias and her supporters were actively gathering signatures for her independent campaign for Congress. Those supporters included her sister Sylvia a SSA Manager and an SSA employee at the same office as Sylvia (a close family friend to both Iglesias sisters). One of the places that the SSA employee sought signatures was at work. Our investigation has found at this point ten workers, at the Santa Ana Central Regional Office (CRO) of SSA, who were allegedly approached by this employee to sign Cecilia Iglesias’ nomination petition at the SSA worksite.

While these employees have declined to reveal their identities publicly out of fear of retaliation, they all have claimed they were asked by this employee to sign petitions at her desk. The alleged signature gathering ended after a day or so when the employee was allegedly told to stop. Other workers, who reported directly to Sylvia Igleasias, have told us that they saw campaign materials for Cecilia Iglesias on Sylvia’s desk.

When you run for elected office you need to be prepared for people to look at everything you and your campaign have done or are doing. This is the position that Cecilia Iglesias now finds herself in. Back on July 7th I reported that at the time she launched her campaign for Congress, Ms. Iglesias held an Administrative Manager position with the Social Services Agency (SSA) as a Contract Administrator. Iglesias was earning approximately $76,918 annually (not including benefits), of which 70.21% was federally funded. We learned through a public records request that Ms. Iglesias resigned for the Social Services Agency on May 21, 2010.

I believe that the alleged gathering of nomination signatures for Iglesias in the SSA facility was the catalyst that brought sufficient attention to Cecilia Iglesias’ campaign that SSA management could no longer cover up the fact that she was campaigning for Congress in violation of the Hatch Act. A few weeks ago, Ceci’s sister Sylvia Iglesias was transferred to another work location. That fact caused the veil of silence to lift enough for CRO workers to reveal this information to me. Prior to Sylvia Iglesias’ transfer the workers were too afraid to say anything.

But just so you know, the alleged campaigning for Cecilia Iglesias has not ended at the CRO facility. Every day the employee who was allegedly gathering signatures for Ceci parks their vehicle, emblazoned on three sides with campaign signs promoting Cecilia Iglesias for Congress, in the employee parking lot of the CRO facility.

On the plus side, the employee’s vehicle isn’t parked I a handicapped parking spot. At least now, that Cecilia’s sister Sylvia is gone; there is less fear of retribution when workers snort in disgust as they walk past this employee’s car. It should be noted that there is no county regulation that bars employees for adorning their personal vehicles with campaign signs and driving them to work. That said; these signs, on three sides of her car, are overkill.


  1. So what happens now? Our tax dollars were used in Van Tran’s plot to take the 47th from Loretta. This proves it. I hope there is a real investigation because I have a feeling if Ceci and her sis are brought up on charges, they will sing like canaries about Van Tran’s role in all this.

  2. You are so full of it!!! You know that if this was true, Cecilia’s sister would not be working for the county. You as a county employee should know this and as an OCEA representative!!!!!!!!!!!

    But then again, this is dirty politics and you just want to blog anything that will bring you self-gratification!

    Another thing, when you were running for public elections were you also employed with the Health Care Agency? If that is the case why weren’t you fired? You were also getting paid with tax-dollars money and were also breaking the law! Ms. Loretta Sanchez is also 100% funded with tax dollars money!

    So if the shoe fits, then wear it!

    • Rudy,

      Let me see if I can break this down for you in a way that you can understand it.

      SSA management covered up the fact that they knew Ceci was running for Congress in violation of the Hatch Act for 8 1/2 months. There is no reason to believe that they would have actually fired Ceci’s sister for campaigning for her because they wouldn’t want the publicity and investigations that might follow. They protect their own at all costs.

      Sylvia Iglesias is a manager. She is not represented by OCEA and I couldn’t care less what happens to her. I reported what multiple employees told me. You can call it a lie if you want, but I stand behind my story.

      As far as my campaigns for office are concerned, two things you fail to recognize, probably because you don’t know what you’re talking about. 1) The Hatch Act applies to partisan elected office. I ran for city council in Garden Grove in 2000, and 2002. 2) I did briefly announce a run for Assembly in 2004, but ultimately decided not to file and run. At that time, I was not employed in a position that was funded with federal dollars. Therefore, I was not covered under the Hatch Act.

      So no, the shoe doesn’t fit me at all. But the glass slipper fits perfectly on Ceci’s foot.

  3. Loretta Rotten Schanchez is a breaker of Immigrantion laws touting amnesty if illrgals report churches as residence and they can vote so she can get them legalized! like the under the table cheaters who give drivers licenses and SS cards illegally. I am tired of all this corruption while government does nothing, they dont slap cuffs and jail these people! They all still keep their jobs! you figure.

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