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Tinajero Accepts Money From Orange Juice Usual Suspect

Our friends at the OJ blog are fond of branding their enemies “The Usual Suspects” and they are quick to attack any Santa Ana city council member who associates with these Usual Suspects as someone out of touch with the direction they seek for the City.  The Usual Suspects term was coined for the classic movie “Casablanca” and later were a terrific feature film earning Kevin Spacey an Oscar.  I’ve never seen how it applies to those political enemies of the OJ, but it’s a term they clearly love.

In reviewing the campaign filings of competitive council races in Santa Ana (there’s one) and the Mayor’s race, it appears that Santa Ana Ward 6 Councilmember Sal Tinajero has accepted a $249 contribution from Judy Ware, CEO of Ware Disposal, who’s been honored with her own “Usual Suspects” trading card on the OJ.  See the copy of the page below.(Vern has asked us to take this copyrighted image down but you can see it here until Art deletes it; and Vern, could you remove all the copyrighted photos of me from your site when you get the chance 😉

Under normal circumstances, this news would surely cause the head of OJ bloger Sean H. Mill to explode. For months now, Sean H. Mill and Art Pedroza have been screaming how the “Usual Suspects” are ruining Santa Ana; the OJ bloggers are quick to point out these Usual Suspects are racists, haters, or bullies and Pedroza has declared the Usual Suspects reign of terror is now over since Thomas Gordon failed to qualify for the ballot (even though Tinajero drew two others challengers). 

Mill and Pedroza have attacked Santa Ana City Commissioners Tish Leon and Judy Stroud as racists and bullies. They have accused virtually anyone associated with Santa Ana Councilman David Benavides of being racists because Benavides recognized a committee that hosted a Fourth of July Celebration in Santa Ana, simply because Lupe Moreno happened to be a member of the committee.

Shawn Mill and Art Pedroza have in the past railed against Ware. In June of 2009, Mill wrote on Orange Juice Blog of Ware:

“We do know that Ware has connections to Orange Planning Commissioner, and Red County blogger, Matt Cunningham.  Judy Ware contributed money towards the funding of a hit piece put together by Cunningham and others that attacked Santa Ana City Council candidate/Orange Juice blogger Art Pedroza.  Judy doesn’t give money without expecting something in return.”

But this gets even more complicated because Councilman Benavides has also accepted money from Ware. She has also contributed money in the past to Mayor Pulido’s campaigns (though she hasn’t for this cycle) and she’s given money to a host of candidates in other cities including a number of Democrats. 

Using Shawn Mill’s own “guilt by any degree of separation” mantra, if Ware is a “Usual Suspect” and she has given money to Benavides, then anyone who accepts money from Ware is a “Racist,” “a Hater,” and “Usual Suspect.”  Doesn’t this mean that Sal Tinajero is a racist and “Usual Suspect”?

And what will Ware expect from Tinajero in return?


  1. Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski Post author | August 12, 2010

    Just saw this gem in a post by Sean H, Mill (thanks for posting from work again Sean!):

    “Obviously Benavides did not want to publicly embrace these extremists and haters, so why honor them at all? Clearly this is a picture into Benavides and how he operates. ****Publicly he puts on a face of a man who stands side by side with our immigrant and LGBT community but privately he rubs elbows with the very folks that hate them. Talk about two-faced hypocrisy.**** (Sean just described his own actions to a “T”)

  2. jose s. jose s. August 12, 2010

    i cant believe i voted for tinajero what an absolute failure he has become. funny how those who seem to have the best intentions end up bowing to the tiny dark lord in the end. and cheminowski, your captcha thingy on here sucks.

  3. cook cook August 12, 2010

    oh my, What is the world coming too.

  4. junior junior August 12, 2010

    The Wicked Witch of Waste pops up again.

  5. Claudio Gallegos Claudio Gallegos August 12, 2010

    It is ok because Sal is really really nice to Art. When you are nice to Art you can do whatever you want.

  6. at lomeli at lomeli August 12, 2010


    You are right on. The point here I percieve is the hypocricy with those involved in this Benavides “usual suspects” issue.

    Lupe Moreno is the head of the friends of the library which requested the permit for the 4th of July event. The request goes through examination by public works,Fire, Police Staff, City Manager and final approval by the entire council including the Mayor.

    They knew the players and they approved the permit….THEY APPROVED THE PERMIT.

    It is so hypocritical to now attack a member of the council for recognizing a group they and staff approved to put on the event this year and in years past.

    The question is are they just beign hipocritical. THE ANSWER IS NO!

    The reason for these actions against Benavides and the “usual suspects” is political. It is a strategy in agreement with the plares or not. Shame on some or shame on all depending on the participation.

    Political in that the attack on the “Usual Suspects”, a wordnow defined by the political strategists as RACISTS.

    The Mayor now it is beign publicaly stated has broken ties and has nothing to do with the “usual suspects” This is an attempt to position the Mayor as the Hispanic saviour. This to weaken his challengers strength….the Hispanic community.

    The problem with this is convincing a community that has been neglected for the last 16 years. Also the problem is that the “usual suspects” have supported the Mayor for the Last 16 years and still do.

    There in the apparant strategy…. state the disassociation from the usaul suspects to get Hispanic support and so weaken the challengers strength but no real “usual suspect ” dissaociation.

  7. Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski Post author | August 12, 2010

    Dr. Lomeli — if you could see the emails and text messages we have received from Art and Sean over the past several months, they are filled with hate and venom. They do the very thing they complain about. If Art and Sean are going to rail against hypocrites it’s because they have a lot of experience practicing hypocrisy

  8. Steve Steve August 12, 2010

    Tinajero is a Pulido Puppet.

  9. Steve Steve August 12, 2010

    Here’s another thing I don’t understand…

    Is Mill so naive that he never considered that his campaign against Benavides would open up Mill’s good friend Tinajero to the same kind of scrutiny?

    What kind of foresight is that? What kind of friend is that?

  10. Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski Post author | August 12, 2010

    Well, Mill has uttered many hateful and vile things. It’s one thing to call someone you don’t like a jery, but Sean introduces an element of race or sexual orientation into it. It certainly qualifies as hateful speech and Sal did honor him publicly at a Santa Ana City Council meeting. So can Tinajero-Hatergate be far behind?

  11. Steve Steve August 12, 2010

    “Allied”. That’s the word they like to use now. As in Sal Tinajero is now “allied” with The Usual Suspects.

  12. Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski Post author | August 12, 2010

    Hot off the press!

    Mr. Gallinger,

    Your clients have misappropriated a copyrighted image from our blog, of Judy Ware. Our Editor has asked that they remove it and they have not done so.

    Please ask them to respect our copyrights and take it down immediately.

    FYI, I do NOT wish to hear from your clients. Please ask them to respond via your office.


    Art Pedroza
    Orange Juice Blog
    Orange County’ s first political blog, since 2003!

  13. Bill Collector Bill Collector August 12, 2010

    Is Mr.Art Pedroza using Xs in place of his actual phone number because he’s tired of all the bill collectors calling his soon to be foreclosed upon house?

    • Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski Post author | August 12, 2010

      Nahh, I took his phone number out.

  14. Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski August 12, 2010

    I actually find it more fascinating that they are objecting to the use of images when they pluck photos of people of Facebook all the time. But no response to the matter at hand that Tinajero took money from one of their self-described Usual Suspects. A “new” Santa Ana indeed.

  15. at lomeli at lomeli August 12, 2010


    I did not see a Copy rights stamp on the image. Is it then just not an image posted on a blog for public consumption. That would be Pedroza’s argument for using your image and that of others on his blog.


    You won’t get a response about the hypocrisy and inconsistency of Ware’s contributions to Tinajero,Pulido and Benavides.

    They are not about being consistent as they support campaigns and ideas erratically just look at their histories.

    The one consistent theme with them is creating divisiveness within communities. It is an effective tool …..divide and conquer.

    Of interest last time I checked Benavidez was on team Pulido. Is this not odd, considering the bashing. Is there something going on here?

  16. Advantage Title Flunky Advantage Title Flunky August 12, 2010

    I’m writing to defend my pal Sal Tinajero from work even though the CEO Mike Tafoya told me not to blog while at work. Sal Tinajero grew up without a father after his his was shot and killed trying to steal a rooster while drunk. But he went on to become a cheerleader and wagged his pom poms with the best of them at an almost all white college. Now my friend Sal Tinajero has indeed taken money from Judy Ware but only because he knows that she provides jobs in the Logan Barrio for hard working immigrants and then he and our other pal Miguel Pulido can build new affordable housing where those shacks sit now while taking even more campaign donations from developers so he can buy Angels baseball season tickets and pretend to be a father to his son a couple day a year. I’m honored to know Mrs Judy Ware and so is Sal Tinajero. Gotta run and send out some emails about queers, HIV, rape and make fun of countries ravaged by war.

  17. Advantage Title Flunky Advantage Title Flunky August 13, 2010

    Sal Tinajero just called me and asked me all to let you know that this is all the fault of his treasurer Kinde Durkee.

  18. Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski Post author | August 13, 2010

    I believe Kinde served as the campaign treasurer for Larry Agran, Beth Krom and Todd Gallinger in 2008; per Sean Mill, Gallinger is a “terrorist lawyer.”

  19. Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski Post author | August 13, 2010

    So someone at OJ deleted the Usual Suspect card for Judy Ware? Ministry of Truth all over again.

  20. art lomeli art lomeli August 13, 2010


    Ware contributes to Tinajero and Pulido is made public. The response is remove Ware as a usual suspect.

    The hypocrisy is amazing.

    Mill associates Benavidez to the usual suspects because his treasurer is the same Gordon had….because Gordon according the Mill is a usual suspect then trogh this association Benavides is a usual suspect.

    We now know that Tinajero who Mill supports and speaks for has a treasure that is the treasurer for Gallinger who Mill defines as a terrorist and has no problem with the association of Tinajero and Gallinger??????? A terrorist is worst than a usual suspect ….do you think?

    The hipocrisy is amazing

  21. Claudio Gallegos Claudio Gallegos August 13, 2010

    Democrat Jordan Brandman also has Lysa Ray as his treasurer. And guess who else hired her, ART PEDROZA’S GOOD FRIEND STEVEN CHOI. Of course they give him a free pass. Such hypocrites. I truly would like to see how they justify their hypocrisy.

  22. Steve Steve August 13, 2010

    Mill’s infatuation with Benavides is getting kinda weird and creepy.

  23. Sean H Mill is a stalker Sean H Mill is a stalker August 13, 2010

    Sean H Mills illegal and criminal stalking behavior completely controls his life, but only because Sal Tinajero orders him to.

  24. Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski Post author | August 14, 2010

    I heard Sean drove by some party in Santa Ana this week and everyone waived to him. And he thinks I’m a stalker?

  25. Advantage Title Flunky Advantage Title Flunky August 26, 2010

    Ware Disposal Case Referred To City Attorney’s Office

    December 19, 2007
    By Sean H. Mill

    The case against Ware Disposal has been referred to Santa Ana City Attorney Joseph “Fletch” Fletcher’s office by city code enforcement officials. As I reported while at the Orange Juice, properties owned by Judy Ware and Ware Disposal in the Logan Neighborhood of Santa Ana are fraught with code violations. Ware has a record of safety violations for which they have been penalized by the O.C. District Attorney’s office and they have continually thumbed their collective noses at city regulations.

    What is most amazing about the violations by Ware is that 13 of them were racked up in just over two months of ownership clearly demonstrating that they have no intention of playing by the rules set for the rest of us. It will be interesting to see if “Fletch” takes the case against any further seeing as how Judy Ware and company have strong political connections thanks in part to the large number of campaign contributions she has made to local politicians.

    Ware has been terrorizing the Logan Neighborhood with its actions for years and as of yet nothing of consequence has ever happened to them. Surprisingly when I publicly exposed the violations of Ware I received a phone call from Councilmember Michele Martinez chastising me for doing so.

    Why would Michele be angry that the illegal activities of Ware and the city’s documentation of it were made public knowledge? Could it be that someone on the 8th Floor was angry that their ally Ware was outed to the public and Michele was doing their bidding?

    This case is sure to be politically charged and pressure needs to be put on Fletcher and city officials to make sure that they go after Ware.The people of the Logan Neighborhood should not be forced to lived under the conditions created by Ware Disposal.I urge everyone to call City Attorney Fletcher at (714) 647-5201 and the City Council at (714) 647-6900 and let them know that you want Ware brought to justice and you will not stand for Judy Ware and company buying their way out of this with large campaign contributions.

  26. Advantage Title Flunky Advantage Title Flunky August 27, 2010

    You stalkers need to quit terrorizing Sal Tinajero.Just because he takes money from Judy Ware does not make him a bad guy.Just because he takes almost $6000 taxpayer dollars in leiu of the city provided insurance as a member of the Santa Ana City Council despite getting taxpayer funded medical at his government job as a teacher in Fullerton does not make him a bad guy.Just because he makes way more money than most residents in Santa Ana does not make him a bad guy.Just because he’s my friend does not make him a bad guy. Stop it now or I’ll tell mother on you all.

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