OCWeekly Reports: Santa Ana Cops pulling endorsement of Bill Hunt

Retired Lt. Bill Hunt

R. Scott Moxley over at OCWeekly reports that;

Multiple sources say that the Santa Ana Police Officers Association has yanked its endorsement of Orange County sheriff’s candidate Bill Hunt. The union’s president, Joe Perez, did not return phone calls for comment, but other law enforcement sources say the decision was made because Hunt, a private detective and former sheriff’s lieutenant, worked on a robbery case involving an alleged gang member.

“Our members are very upset with Mr. Hunt,” one officer told the Weekly on condition of anonymity. “He testified against us in court.”

Read the rest of Moxley’s story here.


  1. Dan, Dan, Dan.

    I LOVE your knack for expertly excerpting content out of context. It’s been the fundamental backbone of all your postings, barring anecdotal character assassination.

    What was it your hero said? “A single death is a tragedy; a million deaths is a statistic.”

    Instead of dealing with glittering generalities, try to think in more concrete terms. If nothing else, try to include some value-add instead of mindlessly repeating things you hear that resonate with your myopic world-view.

    A physicist from CalTech distinctly comes to mind with a number of his sayings.

    Particularly “When playing Russian roulette the fact that the first shot got off safely is little comfort for the next.”

    And most conspicuously “…reality must take precedence over public relations, for nature cannot be fooled.”

  2. Tom,

    Since when is pulling the first two paragraphs from someone elses story, and then linking to the full story pulling out of context. It was a breaking news story, that we had not directly reported on. My guess is that you would prefer for Dan to have ignored it all together.

  3. Tom —
    Please point out anywhere in this post where I wasn’t factual or accurate. If you have a problem with Moxley’s reporting, take it up with him.

    And a hat-tip if you will to a post Sean Mill wrote on OJ about Hunt being turned down for multiple law enforcement and security positions. It was a solid piece of reporting

  4. There are a lot of poison pen exchanges going back and forth from those who favor this candidate, or that candidate for Sheriff. Here is my 2 cents worth.

    For those of you outside the Criminal Justice System the process is relatively simple. Police are charged with objectively investigating a crime. This means interviewing witnesses, collecting and processing physical evidence, identifying the suspect, making an arrest and working with the prosecutor to present the case to a jury and get a conviction. On the other side of the Criminal Justice coin is the Defense. There to assure the person accused of the crime, is in fact the person who did it. They also protect and sometimes abuse the defendants rights to a fair and impartial trial.

    The Prosecution uses the Police and their own investigators, to conduct the follow up investigation, re-interview witnesses and put their case together step by step. The Defense Attorney has on staff (large firms) or hires civilian Private Investigators to conduct it’s follow up work. This includes rechecking step by step the entire Police investigation for errors, omissions, improperly processed evidence, missed witnesses or improper Police practices on occasion it does happen.) No matter how egregious the crime, or how guilty the suspect, our system of justice is set up this way and for the most part works.

    Enter Bill Hunt, Private Investigator, who is a former law enforcement officer with experience in criminal investigation. Since expelled from the Sheriff’s Department by Mike Corona, Bill Hunt has had to make a living and take care of his family. I can tell you from personal experience, after being a Cop, the life of a PI is that of a third class citizen and a tough row to hoe at best. Some former Cops prefer peeking in windows on divorce cases or workers compensation abuses, rather than work for defense attorneys. The pay for defense work is not bad and others do it. Does that make them bad people, like some have painted Bill Hunt to be? Not in the least, since they are still working as a legitimate part of the Criminal Justice System. If the Police did their job by the book, the right suspect is on trial, Bill Hunt or any other Private Investigator (technical adviser) for the defense will find nothing wrong. Often times, this will result in the defense pleading out their client.

    Lastly, on the change of heart by Santa Ana Police Association. My gut feeling tells me there greater forces at play here, rather than one specific case. We all know that Bill Hunt has a hard right approach to dealing with those who violate our immigration laws. With Santa Ana being a wannabe Sanctuary City, I wonder if perhaps the Cops didn’t forsake the Rule of Law, for bending to the illegal alien special interest groups? In my book this move cost Santa Ana Police Association credibility, outside the City of Santa Ana.

    In conclusion, sorry for the lesson in Criminal Justice 101, but the point I am trying to make here is that what Bill Hunt is doing, is just a job and nothing more. I believe in his heart Bill is just as much a Cop today, as he was when wearing a badge. Whether a person likes or supports Bill Hunt or not, how they vote for Sheriff, should be based on which person they believe will do the best job for the citizens of Orange County. By the way, although not relevant to these comments, my vote goes to Sandra Hutchens.

  5. Pat — On this point, I defer to your experience in law enforcement. I also agree with you on the best choice for Sheriff. Thought she is a Republican, I do believe Sheriff Hutchens has brought a certain amount of access and openess to the department sorely lacking under convicted felon, the disgraced Mike Carona.

  6. Dan, I am really worried. There are too many things we are agreeing on lately. I know you are not turning conservative on us. I wonder if by accident I drank some of the Obama Kool Aid and am now becoming a Liberal? Oh my gosh, I may again one day even like the Agranistas ………. a fate worse than death.

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