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Melissa Fox: We must respect and serve our seniors

Melissa Fox talking with people in the district

When it comes to home health care, our local Republican representatives to Sacramento have shown little concern for protecting seniors living on fixed incomes.

“Respecting and serving our seniors is more than a matter of policy; it is a moral issue. Our character as a community is defined in large part by how we treat those who have served and protected us,” said Fox.

The Governor and our local Republican representatives want to eliminate adult health care services that provide in-home care to more than 430,000 Californians, of whom six in 10 are over 65-years old and one in four over 80-years old.

That’s a quarter of a million people who worked hard all their lives, and now need a little help that their families may not be able to provide. These seniors would be forced into nursing homes and hospitals.  In Laguna Woods alone, 40% of the people enrolled in adult health care services would be forced into institutions.

These cruel cuts to vital, cost-effective services make no sense. Forcing seniors into institutions and will cost California more money than it saves, and cost California 370,000 jobs. For Melissa Fox, the answer is clear and simple;

“As a member of the Assembly, I will fight to stop these cuts and ensure that seniors have the health care they need to maintain their independence in their own homes.”

Find out more about Melissa Fox and her position on the issues affecting all Californians at her website

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  1. lefty lefty May 14, 2010

    What next – Soylent Green?

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