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UPDATED: Schipske May Withdraw From DPOC Executive Director Job

Gerrie Schipske
I am hearing chatter that the newly named Executive Director for the Democratic Party of Orange County has decided to not accept the job.

UPDATE:There is apparently a bit of a battle going on here. I am hearing that the opposition to Schipske’s selection has brought up accusations of homophobia.I have also been told that Schipske has not officially withdrawn.

Long Beach Council member Gerrie Schipske was supposed to be introduced to the party central committee tonight at their monthly meeting. There appears to have been some disagreement over the selection of Schipske over interim Executive Director Henry Vandemeir. I am hearing that the selection had not received approval by the party executive board prior to the announcement. That created the opportunity for what has been described as a mini-coup.

I am off to the meeting to see what is actually going on. I will bring you more news when I have it.


  1. lefty lefty February 22, 2010

    Tweet for GS!

    Shouldn’t someone who lives in the OC represent it?

  2. Revan Revan February 22, 2010

    Who hires a out of towner to run the run? Retards.

  3. Sparkle Sparkle February 23, 2010


    One does not \withdraw\ from a job offer as if it is a political race; You turn it down.

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