Adams Recall Fails – They thought Tea-Partiers were registered

Once again, the tea-partiers fail to get their way. The Orange County launched recall attempt against Republican Anthony Adams failed to meet the required number of signatures to move forward the Secretary of State’s office announced on Friday. Adams 59th Assembly District covers parts of Los Angeles and San Bernardino Counties.

From the Sacramento Bee:

Anthony Adams“I’m elated. I’m euphoric,” Adams said Friday.

“People generally don’t like recalls,” he said. “I’m up for re-election in June, in the primary. Voters will have their say then.”

The recall effort was launched after Adams provided one of three GOP votes needed in the Assembly to pass temporary income tax increases last February.

The number of valid signatures was way off.

Using the legally required random sampling method to test recall petition signatures, Los Angeles County election officials found that only 327 signatures out of 500 randomly selected signatures were valid.

In San Bernardino County, only 661 signatures, less than half, of 1,339 signatures sampled were valid, according to the secretary of state’s office.

Recall organizers submitted a total of 58,384 signatures. Officials projected that only 24,579 would be valid, more than 10,000 short of the 35,825 needed to qualify for the ballot.

Nobody ever said the tea-baggers could count.