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Restore Equality 2010: Plans OC Organizing Town Hall

As you may recall, about a week ago a group called Love, Honor, Cherish submitted ballot language for the repeal of Proposition 8 in the 2010 general election. There are differing points of view regarding the wisdom of running such a campaign at that time. A significantly large number of LGBT groups have advocated that such a campaign would be more likely to succeed in 2012 after additional community education is conducted and coalitions build.

The processl identified below is specific to organizing a structure for grass roots participation from all across the state for the 2010 effort. Regardless of your position on 2010 vs. 2012, you may want to participate in this selection process so that your voice may be heard and the best possible representatives for the Orange County region be selected.

Restore Equality 2010On August 29th, at San Francisco State University, over 80 activists came together from across California and developed The Davis Plan, a communication and decision-making structure for the grassroots activists involved in the signature gathering campaign to place a proposition on the ballot to restore marriage equality.

As part of the plan we will come together for a Town Hall to elect our OC Regional Representatives to a Statewide Advisory Panel of Restore Equality 2010.

The goal of Restore Equality 2010 is to organize and empower grassroots activists to have a voice, access, and resources to be successful in the upcoming campaign.
The kick-off for the meeting will be our special guest speaker, Zoe Nicholson, who will deliver a motivating call to action!  This will also be an informational meeting on the plan and progress to date of the 2010 ballot effort.

6:45 pm to 9:00 pm
Teamster’s Hall
140 S. Marks Way
Orange, CA  92868

Following the presentations, those interested in being Regional Representatives will have the opportunity to caucus among the people who live in their regions.  We will then vote on the candidates and announce our new Regional Representatives.

Some details can be found below, but to really get a grasp of what is going on, go to the Restore Equality website:

This is our opportunity to have a voice in the upcoming campaign to win marriage back in California. We hope you will join us. 
Orange County has been allotted 3 Regional Representative positions, dividing the county into 3 regions;

  • Region 1 – North OC: West of the 55,5 and 57 freeways,
  • Region 2 – Central OC: East of the 55,5, and 57 and West of 133, 241 and 91 freeways,
  • Region 3 – South OC: East of the 133, 241, and 91 freeways

Responsibilities of elected Regional Representatives:

  • The elected Regional Representative will be the district field organizer for all the local signature hubs created in their district. The Regional Representative will be the primary contact for their local hubs.

Rules for the Town Hall:

  1. Every attendee has the right to one vote.
  2. Orange County has been divided into 3 regions from which we will elect our 3 Regional Representatives.
  3. A candidate may run for only one Regional Representative position.
  4. The candidate must have community ties to the area and must either live or work in the region.
  5. The candidate may not be part of the IAG

If you are interested in being a delegate or hosting a hub, it is recommended that you read the Davis Plan here.