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News Roundup for Saturday, July 11

Burris bails: Illinois Senator Roland Burris announces he will not run for election to the Senate seat vacated by President Obama. More at The Atlantic.

California’s next residents: “The US State Department confirmed Tuesday that as many as 1,350 Iraqi Palestinians – once well-treated guests of Saddam Hussein and now estranged from Iraqi society – will be resettled in the US, mostly in southern California.”

Six whole percent? “Only six percent of America’s scientists identify themselves as Republicans; fifty-five percent call themselves Democrats. By comparison, 23 percent of the overall public considers itself Republican, while 35 percent say they’re Democrats.”

Gay couple detained for cheek kiss near Salt Lake LDS Temple: The Liberal OC is shocked, shocked we tell you, by the revelation that it wasn’t just the co-opting of the term “marriage” that Mormons objected to after all.

Whoda thunk it? Energy industry trade groups and lobbyists are using misleading data in an attempt to persuade Congress not to regulate Hydraulic Fracturing.

Union vs union: “…many unions are making war — largely with one another — in the biggest, nastiest surge of labor fratricide in decades.”