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DPOC Chair Barbaro on Prop 8 Decision

barbaroWhen I got home from tonight’s Prop 8 decision rally I found Democratic Party of Orange County Chairman Frank Barbaro’s response to today’s Supreme Court ruling.

I don’t like the decision.  It runs directly opposite our guarantees of equal protection and non-discrimination.  The legal basis for the Court’s decision was very weak.  I can only conclude that they were playing to the masses.  I am equally upset that it was a 6 to 1 decision.  If not a majority,  I expected at least 2 or 3 justices to side with the anti prop 8 arguments.  There were so many other “outcomes” that could have been chosen by the court but for some reason which we will probably never know they chose the most radical.  I am happy for the some 18,000 couples whose marriages will be preserved but certainly don’t like the cluster ***** that will result.  Whatever happened to “stare decisis”?????


  1. Reggie Reggie May 26, 2009

    Was this comment by Frank for public consumption or private? Was this part of an official press release?

  2. Chris Prevatt Chris Prevatt Post author | May 26, 2009

    For the record Reggie, I do not make a habit of posting comments from public officials made to me privately. Barbaro’s comments were in direct response to a media inquiry I made earlier today.

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