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Eve of Justice This Wednesday!

Please, please, please don’t miss this event! Wednesday night will be our last chance to speak out before the California Supreme Court hears the oral arguments for the Prop H8 lawsuit, so let’s get out, get active, and let our voices be heard!

Wednesday, March 4, 5:30-7:00 pm

Fairview Community Church, 2525 Fairview Rd, Costa Mesa, CA 92626

The Eve of Justice – Lighting the way for the Supreme Court

Wednesday, March 4, is the day before the California Supreme Court hears oral arguments on the validity of Prop 8. That evening, we’ll stand together and send a unified message to our fellow Californians, including the Supreme Court Justices, that individual liberties like the right to marry are guaranteed by the Constitution to everyone and cannot be stripped away at the ballot box by a bare majority. Just as important, we will give our love and support to all the families headed by same-sex couples who are threatened by the recent electoral outcome, as well as same-sex couples whose hopes and dreams of marriage and family have been frustrated by enactment of Prop 8. Throughout the evening, musical performers will entertain us, civic and faith leaders will inspire us, and loving couples renewing their vows will move us. Finally, as dusk turns into night, thousands of Californians at “Eve of Justice” (and thousands of others at similar events across the state) will illuminate the dark with candlelight and pledge together to reaffirm our dedication to equality and justice for all.

And if you can, please stop by the DFA meeting after the vigil at Karl Strauss Brewery near South Coast Plaza. We’ll talk more about what we’ll be doing after March 5 to further the cause of equality for all.