94-2 Hillary Clinton Confirmed for Sec. of State by Senate


UPDATE: Hillary Clinton has been sworn in as Secretary of State

Despite the efforts by John Cornyn yesterday to derail Hillary’s nomination, it passed in the Senate by a resounding 94-2 vote. David “Hooker” Vitter and John “Chewing Gum” DeMint of South Carolina were the only two senators to vote against her nomination. It’s interesting to note that David “Hooker” Vitter and John DeMint are also expected to vote against a measure that would madate equal pay for women. It’s too much of a burden on small business they say.


  1. It's actually "Vitter the Sh&TTer" Steve, because this bastion of family values is known for having ladies of the evening give him clean diapers.

  2. Can I just say that Hilary rocks! I think that she will make an awesome sec of state: however, she would of been an even more amazing president.

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