Minnesota will Certify Franken as Minnesota’s New Senator Tomorrow


This story in the Minneapolis Star Tribune just made Bill O’Reilly’s head explode.

After a day of counting wrongly rejected absentee ballots, Al Franken had passed his lead from 49 votes to 225.

From the story: “At least two things, however, still stand in the way of Franken becoming Minnesota’s newest U.S. senator: the possibility of a ruling by the Minnesota Supreme Court that more wrongly rejected absentee ballots should be counted, and a legal contest that Coleman attorneys all but promised should Franken prevail.”

Minnesota is not Florida.  Coleman wants to use an arguement that there was no uniform standard in counting the ballots.  Not going to work this time.  From all indictations, it looks like Al Franken is a United States Senator.  It sure would be nice is Republicans in the Senate and Norm Coleman would be gracious losers.