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My History with, and a Current Analysis of Gordon Dillow and Frank Mickadeit

Gordon Dillow and I go way back. Sure he probably isn’t aware of my existence (to my knowledge) but that hasn’t stopped me from establishing a personal connection with the man. I first took notice of Gordon’s work when I was in 3rd grade. You see I’ve always been a voracious reader, and while waiting for school one day, after reading the comics, I started browsing through the rest of it. It was at that moment that I suddenly began to take in that this world’s inhabitants hardly ever saw eye to eye.

I, for the first time ever, disagreed very earnestly with the political opinions of an adult, who just happened to be Gordon Dillow. Gordon wrote an article about out of control Sea Lions and how they were boarding private vessels and causing significant damage. I have an eidetic memory, but I don’t quite remember if he was advocating a sea lion population control (kill off) or if he was voicing his support for a policy that was already in place.  His article was articulate and extremely well written so much so that a specific line is still with me today. A small drop in a big bucket. Anyhow I digress, I went into class and it wasn’t that long after the bell rang when I started quietly sobbing for the sea lions Gordon wanted to destroy, when as I saw it at the time, they were “just playing” and had been there first. When I got home from school that day, I went straight to the computer and found Gordon’s phone number.  I prepared myself physically and mentally and I gave him a call… I got his machine. Since then I’ve followed him closely, and I can’t tell you how many articles of his remind me of that one fateful one years ago. So this January, he’s leaving the Register as a regular columnist and going into semi-retirement.

I’ll admit, a small part of me was constantly vigilant for the article that would describe how Dillow had a boating accident, and was miraculously rescued by Sea lions. Unfortunately, this is no longer a distinct possibility because in his goodbye column, Dillow described his mini-ranch in Arizona, and how he’ll be spending a lot more time there. A guy can still dream can’t he?

Frank Mickadeit and I don’t have such a colorful history. In the summer I ran across his Mickapedia article online. I never really noticed him before, but I found the article humorous, especially when he wrote about the carpetbagger Curt Pringle, and his tasteless campaigning in his assembly campaign where he hired armed guards to intimidate Hispanic voters. I also noticed that he had an entry for Gustavo from OC Weekly, in which he stated in the article that the only reason he included Gustavo was because he had asked to be included. So I wrote to Frank to do the same, but alas, he turned me down. He said that maybe in the future but not quite yet. Since then I’ve kinda followed Mickadeit’s articles too. His work has a right tint/pro corporate/Republican leadership bias to it, but that aside, his articles are entertaining and rarely boring.

Recently though, I’ve been rather disappointed on his coverage of the Carona trial. In my opinion, his focus on Haidl has eclipsed the magnitude of the crimes  that the sheriff is on trial for. It’s been, Haidl looking nervous this, and, Haidl getting grilled by the prosecution that. It comes across that Frank doesn’t personally believe that the Carona is a “bad guy”, and Frank letting that feeling get across to his readers, does them a significant disservice. Frankly, I would like to commend Scott Moxley for representing what true investigative journalistic standards are, and perhaps at least in regards to this whole Carona fiasco, Mickadeit would be better served by taking a page out of Moxley’s book. Some people tell me Mickadeit’s journalistic standards are rather poor when it come’s to his coverage of people that happen to frequent his social circles. However, I don’t think i personally subscribe to that opinion, I distinctly remember an article where he called out a councilwomen friend of his on a diatribe of racist comments he heard her say to a Hispanic school security guard when they were out and about together.

Anyhow, I thought since I created such a stir with my last analysis I’d give it another go.

Hope everyone had a wonderful turkey day!


  1. Li'l truth Li'l truth November 30, 2008

    I agree it’s sad to see Gordon go, but he deserves to spend some time off doing what he enjoys. I disagree with you about his slant on things, he is very good at slicing through the grime of the world and getting to the heart of matters. We will miss him, even if you didn’t agree with him, he made you think.

    Frank on the other hand, isn’t all that right of center either, his opinion of Haidl and some of the rest of the folks involved in this mess has been pretty accurate too.

  2. Zacatecano Zacatecano November 30, 2008

    Over the years, I’ve both agreed and disagreed with the sometimes posturing Gordon Dilldow. He lost credibility in a big way years ago as a strikebreaker at the old LA Herald-Examiner.

  3. Revan Revan November 30, 2008

    You never know.
    He might go boating and be required to be saved by sea lions.
    or if he stays in the desert he might come into contact with a regular lion, but I don’t think that would end as well.

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