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Mormon Press Conference on Prop 8 at Noon Today!

So it’s a slow Friday at work and you’re worndering what to do for lunch to liven up your day. The cure for your Friday blues is within yur reach. Spend your lunch hour fighting hate.

At NOON, the Mormons are holding an urgent Prop 8 Press Conference in the main ballroom of the Doubletree Hotel in Santa Ana, at 201 E. Macarthur Blvd. Be there in front of the hotel to greet them peacefully while standing up for equal rights.

The Doubletree Hotel is located 0.2 miles along Macarthur Blvd. NW of the 55 freeway, and 300 feet from S. Main St., nr. Imperial Promenade.  Map Quest Link   

Protest organizers are asking “No” supporters to bring their “No on Prop 8.”  Their goal is to have 250 people in attendance with signs of any kind.

So what’s on your agenda for lunch on this boring Friday afternoon?


  1. Jeff Jeff November 14, 2008

    Have 7 people coming from my office so far…

  2. Jeff Jeff November 14, 2008

    We have a total of 10 now!

  3. The Lovable Curmudgeon The Lovable Curmudgeon November 14, 2008

    Top story on Channel 9 news at 2 pm.

  4. No on Hate No on Hate November 14, 2008

    The only hate I have seen relating to prop 8 is from the no on 8 crowd. You guys are unbelievable. Mormons were probably less than 3% of the vote for prop 8. Kind of ironic that the no on 8 folks would choose to persecute such a small minority. Why arent they going after the blacks who voted 70% for prop 8?

  5. Chris Prevatt Chris Prevatt Post author | November 15, 2008

    No on Hate,

    The irony of you anonymous name gets me all choked up. Mormans were responsible for the vast majority of the funding for this hateful, bigoted initiative. Religious institutions should not be permitted to insert themselves int the secular functions of the state. Marriage of same gender partners happens in a number of religious faiths. What gives any one, or group of faiths the right to dictate the religious practice of another?

    The marriage of same gender couples is no more a threat to the marriage of heterosexual couples than the divorce of heterosexual couples.

  6. Dot De Leon Dot De Leon November 15, 2008

    I don’t know what to say ……First of all I voted No on Prop 8. I am a Mormon and there are Mormons like me that also voted No on Prop 8. We support the cause and are not happy with what is going on. I am very unhappy that my Temples is be target.

    Yes, you have the right to boycott any place you like. The only thing we ask is please respect our Temples. You might need us someday again. Lets work together.

    Thank you,
    Dot De Leon

  7. Steve Kim Steve Kim November 15, 2008

    Maybe only 3% of the vote, but it was the massive cash inflow to Yes on 8 that is the problem.

  8. Chris Prevatt Chris Prevatt Post author | November 15, 2008


    You are correct. As I wrote in another post:

    On the matter of violence, vandalism, and alleged acts of domestic terrorism, it is important to respond with a very clear and simple statement. Under no circumstance is an act of violance, terrorist threat, or vandalism appropriate on either side of this issue. Such actions are carried out by thugs, who have no regard for rules of a civil society. I have not met any leader on either side, who condones such acts.

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