Day 4, Change We Can Believe In: The Grand Finale

Are you as thrilled as I am to see our next President make history? I’m currently at a Democratic house party in Fountain Valley, where we’re all watching the Democratic Convention together. We’re all cheering on the real Americans speaking up for change now. So many people have suffered under Bush & Cheney, and we’re all ready to say “no we won’t” to four more years of McCain-Bush-Cheney BS and “YES WE CAN!” to real change with Barack Obama & Joe Biden!

So are you on the edge of your seat now? Are you excited about Obama now? Speak up, for now is open thread time.

Oh yes, and with Obama & Democrats… YES, WE CAN DO BETTER!! 😀

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    I loved his speech, it was amazing and he said exactly what he needed to, specifics and the right questions. Does McCain have the temperament to be the President?

    I could go on and on about this amazing speech.

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