Uncle Teddy

 Senator Ted Kennedy 2008 Democratic National Convention 8-25-08

While last nights keynote was delivered by Michelle Obama, and she did a fantastic job of painting a picture of Barack Obama and his family, for me the highlight was Senator Ted Kennedy’s remarks at the Convention. Against the advice of his doctors, Uncle Teddy insisted that he be here for the Convention.

After a moving introduction from Caroline Kennedy, and video tribute, The Lion of the Senate took the stage, and the crowd, lifting us up another mile higher than we already were.

Kennedy Speech, View from CA Delegation

Democrats are proud of the accomplishments of Senator Kennedy and his positive contributions to the well-being of all Americans. From healthcare to civil rights Senator Kennedy has demonstrated what it means to be a Democrat in Washington. Not only has he represented the needs of his constituents in Massachusetts, he has advocated and delivered for all Americans.  



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