WDYT: What’s the Source of the Budget Obstructionism?

As we all know right now, the state is still without a budget. The Governator says that all the Legislators should now forego the national party conventions to stay in Sacramento and get a budget passed… Even though Arnold himself apparently still has plans to speak at the RNC in Minneapolis. And right now, the Republicans are saying it’s all the Democrats’ fault that there’s no budget… Even though they themselves keep voting against a fiscally sane budget getting majority support.

So what’s going on? Why is California still without a budget? Why can’t everyone agree to bring our state back from the brink of fiscal disaster we’re at now?

Is it because Legislative Democrats won’t agree to even more spending cuts? Is it because Legislative Republicanss refuse to agree to any kind of tax increase on the wealthy & the big corporations? Is it because Arnold can’t bring everyone together behind a compromise? Or is it something else?

Why the continued impasse? Why the obstruction to a state budget? What’s the problem with us?

Want to guess?