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Buyer’s Remorse at The Flash Report

Arnold SchwarzeneggerI know that state is in deep fiscal trouble, and I know that both parties share blame for it, and I know I should be deeply concerned.  But pardon me for enjoying the Republian melt-down over the Governor’s proposal to increase the sales tax — temporarily — as one of the remedies to help us right the state’s fiscal ship.

Jon Flesichman wants a deal on T-shirts that say “Shame on Me” ; who needs a T-shirt to know Jon is one of the self-described “GOP chumps” from his posts’ headline.

Jon writes:

I feel like going out and getting “Shame on me for believing Arnold” T-shirts for the thousands of Republican donors and activists who took Arnold’s “no new taxes” pledge as an actual covenant with the voters.

Wow. A Republican politian breaking a campaign promise.  Imagine that? 

Michael Der Manouel Jr. is even more upset. 

He writes: 

“… suggest the State GOP either call a meeting of the Party’s Executive to immediately denounce the proposal, or just fold up.  If we can’t be on the record on the right side of an easy issue, it needs to ask itself why it exists at all.” 

Why indeed?  Lacking from both of these whiny posts is an admission of guilt; these men and this party were involved in a hostile takeover of the state via recall.  They elected a candidate who was electable and not one that adhered to their party’s core principals.  And now, they are crying in their beer.

I am still waiting for one of these conservatives to show me a GOP California governor who was successful at shrinking government and adhered to small government standards.  It’s not Reagan.  It’s not Wilson.  It doesn’t exist.

Gentlemen, be careful what you ask for because sometimes you get it.  And you asked for Arnold and now you have him.  Sometimes, you get the government you deserve.