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CA-46: It’s Time to Retire Crazy Dana

Debbie and grandsonSo have you seen the crazy things happening with

“Crazy Dana” lately? Have you heard what he’s said? Have you seen his voting record? Are you just tired of his overall history of craziness?

Well, it’s not like we are obligated to suffer any longer. Debbie Cook is running, after all. And come on, doesn’t Debbie Cook sound like someone we can count on to do the right thing for the people of the 46th?

If Dana wants to go ahead and equate torture to wearing a pretty pair of panties on one’s head… Well, whatever floats his boat. I’m even willing to send him a pair if he’d like to wear it on his head. But please, I hope he doesn’t intend to continue using his position as a member if Congress as a platform to bounce off his wild “musings” while ignoring the safety of our brave troops and the need for us to abide by the Geneva Conventions to do just that.

I think Debbie Cook is more than ready to take on the duties of a member of Congress. As someone who’s worked so hard for so long to protect Huntington Beach’s coastline and coastal wetlands, we know she’s a hard worker who won’t quit on us working people. And as an HB city council member who has fought waste in the city’s budget, we know she will ensure our tax dollars come home to work hard for us instead of being misused on tax evasion schemes for the ultra-rich. Debbie Cook is ready for this job, and it’s time we have a Congressperson who can do the job.

And as for Dana… Why don’t we make sure he can have a nice retirement next year? If he’s so into wearing panties on his head, why should we stop him? And since he will no longer have to deal with truly important issues like making sure our troops are protected and our government abides by the rule of law, Dana will have all the time in the world for his crazy rantings. 😉