CA-42: A Statement from Ron Shepston

This just in from Ron Shepston ( He seems genuinely committed to electing a Democrat in the 42nd District. And now that Ed Chau is the nominee, he’s offering his support to Chau.

ORANGE COUNTY, CA- I congratulate Ed Chau on his winning the Democratic Party nomination for Congress in the 42nd District. This was a hard-fought campaign; while of course I differ with the result, in the end I hope that my participation in this race will have made him a stronger candidate in November.

Ed has demonstrated his real strengths in retail politics in this campaign, and Ive learned a lot from watching him, that this victory means so much to them helps soften the blow of this defeat.  Its time to put an end to Gary Millers confusion of his career as a developer with his actual job: representing the 42nd Congressional District and protecting the American Constitution. The strengths that Ed has shown should serve him well in his race against Gary Miller this fall. Its time to put an end to the partisan politics that enabled the destructive policies of two Bush administrations. Ed will be championing issues that are critical to a Democratic agenda. I wish him well and will of course be voting for him in November. […]  

The results came in too late last night for me to offer a proper speech at the close of the campaign, so I want to close with a great and heartfelt expression of appreciation for my supporters. Most of all, I thank my wife, Belinda, for agreeing to stand with me as I took on this great adventure. She has proven to me, once again, how lucky I have been in finding her. I thank my family, which has shown me such great support, and my longtime friends, who have done the same. My campaign workers have come from all three counties in the district and beyond; my donors, from all over the Southland and across the country; my supporters, literally from as far away as Europe, Asia, and Australia. My campaign volunteers, in particular, poured their heart and soul into this effort. I can only hope for them that the joy was not simply in the result we all sought, but in the process of standing side to side with like-minded people, working for the benefit of all. I hope they enjoyed working on this campaign as much as I enjoyed meeting and working with all of them.

I will continue working on the issues that I made the centerpiece of my campaign: ending the war, protecting the middle class, restoring fiscal sanity to government, and reasserting Constitutional rule. I look forward to a great year for the Democratic Party.

– Ron Shepston


  1. Ron ran a horrible campaign. Just posting on this and other web pages was not going to win him the race. His mail was program was horrible and his staff led him astray. Hey Ron, Joe Wilson called, he wants his time back.

    So much the hope and work was poured into a third place finish. The wheels really came off when LA County party bosses convinced a school board member to pick up his carpetbag and run in OC.

    Mike would have been the best bet to win this race. The voters will see that Chau’s term on the Montebello USD has hurt the kids there. Miller is going to get another term. We just need to face it.

  2. Thank you, Ron! The party is stronger with your support. We look forward to working with you.

  3. “Mike [Williamson] would have been the best bet to win this race.”

    Yeah, maybe for the Minutemen, but not for the Democratic Party.

  4. I want to be a good Democrat and support my party but I am disappointed by the poorly misguided inexperienced campaigns. We have a huge mountain to clime if we are going to take on Miller. I have looked long and hard at the numbers from Tuesday and clearly see the problem we are going to have in November. Miller did very well on Tuesday. When you look at all the other Republicans in the area Miller did very well! I had hopes for Shepston, Chau and Williamson but seriously, l think we should put our time, money and resources elsewhere where Democrats are in play or have a good chance to win. We are not in play here people. Please tell me how we can win? Good luck Obama!

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