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Hillary to Fold on Friday

It was a great run and I am proud of her.  But the math is the math and Senator Barack Obama will carry our banner to victory in November. Hillary expects to end her campaign Friday.

The easiest way for him to unite the party is ask her to be VP. She brings a strong network of fundraising, she’s strong where he isn’t, and there’s a little matter of 47 percent of the Democratic voters who support her.

Let’s make our dream ticket the OC ticket; Obama/Clinton ’08. 


  1. The Anti-Chuck The Anti-Chuck June 4, 2008

    If Obama is the nominee, then he should be free to pick the running mate that would help him best to WIN in November.
    That might be Clinton, or it might be someone else.
    Shouldn’t the onus be on HER to unite the party after all of this? Unless, of course, she did stay in for selfish, divisive reasons, or an eye to 2012.
    I think it’s completely WRONG to pressure Obama to choose Hillary for VP.

  2. Andrew Davey Andrew Davey June 4, 2008


    No one’s “pressuring” Obama to do anything. We’re just politely asking that Obama make a gracious gesture to all of us Hillary supporters to let us know he really wants a united Democratic front. I think Hillary’s speech at AIPAC this morning proved that she’s ready to move on gracefully while supporting the likely nominee.

  3. anon anon June 4, 2008

    Andrew, for you to question Obama’s sincerity when it comes to whether or not he “really” wants a united Democratic front is absurd. Of course he does. The tone of your comment suggests that a “gracious” gesture would be for her to pick her…and if he doesn’t it would be less than gracious. That just makes no sense.

    Also, Hillary supporters need to prepare themselves for the possibilty he won’t choose her. There are legitimate reasons why he may not…most notably, the Clinton “franchise” undercuts Obama’s change message.

  4. Michael Doss Michael Doss June 4, 2008

    There are many good reasons to choose someone other than Hillary as a running mate (and a few good reasons to go with her), but I’m thinking someone from the south is a better option (Edwards, perhaps), or at least someone who’ll help him carry states that McCain might get otherwise. It’ll be interesting to see what happens either way – I’ll vote for the Dem ticket pretty much regardless of who he chooses.

  5. Andrew Davey Andrew Davey June 4, 2008

    anon 6:29-

    I was not questioning anything. I was not making any threats. I think you’re reading into my comments sentiments I didn’t make.

    And btw, who’s polling well in Southern states like Florida, Arkansas, North Carolina, & Kentucky? Who can help Obama win Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, West Virginia, & New Hampshire? Who can make sure the Dem ticket carries New Mexico & Nevada this fall? The choice looks obvious to me.

    I’ve already told all of you I’ll vote for the Democrat in November. But with an “O/C” unity ticket, I can assure you we’ll get so many of people excited that we’ll win for sure this fall.

  6. The Message The Message June 5, 2008

    Obama can win some of the states you mention Andrew without Hillary if he picks the right running mate. Stop trying to hijack Obama. The lady in the pant suit has now said she is getting out, yet you will still not say you will support BARACK OBAMA. YOu are still speaking in GENERIC terms saying you will support the DEMOCRAT. We want you to say publicly you will support BARACK OBAMA. Many conservatives say McCain is a closet Dem, how do we know you Hillaryites will take that spin as justification for supporting him?

  7. The Message The Message June 5, 2008

    Sorry, accidentally submitted. You Hillaryites are trying to shakedown and blackmail Obama into taking Hillary as a running mate. I am open to her being on the ticket, but the extortion going on is simply outrageous. She is on the shortlist, that has already been determined. Let the process take its course, let that team of 3 he appointed do their job.

  8. Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski June 5, 2008

    Message. I support Barack Obama against John McCain. Is that plain enough for you. But for you to ignore the vast support Hillary has in the party and her fund raising capabilities and the unification that can happen with a OC ticket would be a mistake. Wouldn’t youwant Hillary’s network behind Obama? Or would you rather have the vast resources of a Joe Biden?

  9. Please go away... Please go away... June 5, 2008

    It is Hillary that needs to bring the party together and encourage her supporters to unite behind Obama. A true leader would do that and she has demonstrated no such leadership. There is something fundamentally wrong when Hillary supporters say that if she is not the nominee, they are voting for McCain. There is something wrong when Hillary supporters say Obama “owes” it to Clinton to be the Vice-President. He owes her nothing, just as she would not be obligated to him if the situation was reversed.

    I understand this is very painful for Clinton to go from pre-annointed nominee to losing by a couple hundred delegate votes, but that is where she is. She hasn’t owned up to campaign mistakes and allows supporters to say Obama stole the election. Obama owes her nothing and should find a nominee that will bring our country back from the negative forces of W and move forward. With Ginsberg and Stevens holding on by a thread, any indignant Democrat that votes for McCain should be ashamed of themselves after November.

  10. 42nd Undecided 42nd Undecided June 5, 2008

    Obama please stay away from Clinton! Clinton will only hand the Republicans the election in November. Pick a real Democrat. I hear Ron Shepston has some free time!

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