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The commies are coming! The commies are coming!

This just in over at the Bolsavik. Apparently Janet Nguyen is a commie.

Proving that McCarthyism is not the exclusive domain of Ky Ngo and his ilk, Nguoi Viet Daily News today ran an extensive two-page spread accusing incumbent OC Supervisor Janet Nguyen of communist sympathies.

Janet is in a three-way all-Vietnamese race to retain her seat on the Board of Supervisors. The election is set for June 3, and absentee ballots are being received now. The claim that Janet is chum with a communist was first made by her rival Hoa Van Tran in a mailer to Vietnamese voters, here.

Click Here to read the complete post at the Bolsavik.

For the record, I do not believe that Janet Nguyen is a communist sympathizer. I find it highly unlikely that a person whose family including herself fled the communist regime would be a supporter of communist Vietnam. And no, I am not a Jannie. and Liberals are not communists. 


  1. Jorge Sanchez Jorge Sanchez May 17, 2008

    Chris, I am slowly beginning to buy into Sean Mill’s kool-aid….you’ve been converted into a Jannie.

    This is just my observation Chris, but you used to call Janet out when she f*cked up, now, you’re just shilling for her. What’s up with that?

  2. janets free pass janets free pass May 17, 2008

    I have to agree with Jorge here Chris. It’s obvious you have become a shill and apologist for Janet Nguyen even though you keep denying it. I would suggest you show your true neutrality and ask Janet Nguyen straight out what her view is on the recent court decision that reversed the ban on Gay marriage in California? I would also suggest you publish her response and include a count down until we get an answer from her with her published response.

  3. d'Anconia d'Anconia May 17, 2008


    I second “janets free pass”‘s motion.

    For some reason I don’t think Chris will abide…

  4. Chris Prevatt Chris Prevatt Post author | May 17, 2008

    And why again is this relevant in the First District Supervisor’s race?

    The Supreme Court has ruled. Why does it matter what anyone from Janet Nguyen to Chuck DeVore thinks? Statements from County Supervisors, Supervisor candidates, City Council members, Assemblymembers, or State Senators, have no bearing on the decision, and is really just hot air.

    I really don’t care what Janet, Dina, or Hoa think on the matter. The decision is made. In 30 days same-gender couples will be getting married in the State of California.

  5. Gila Gila May 17, 2008

    These are bizarre questions. Whether or not Chris is “shilling” for Janet, what she thinks about same sex marriage is irrelevant. It’s also irrelevant what she may think about abortion, the death penalty, and the war in Iraq. Members of the OC Board of Supervisors have the same influence on these matters as you and I do.

  6. Jane Roe Jane Roe May 17, 2008

    Why can’t Hoa Van Tran clearly state his position — for himself — on the issue of a women’s right to choose?

  7. Vern Nelson Vern Nelson May 17, 2008

    Because why should he? What does that have to do with the Board of Supervisors?

  8. Paul Lucas Paul Lucas May 17, 2008

    Gila, Vern, Chris,
    The reason this issue is important now is the same reason it was important to Claudio Gallegos (who m I believe to be Jane Roe) last month when he grilled Hoa van Tran on this same question relating to a Womans Right to Choose at the OCYD Meeting and at the DPOC Central Committee Meeting. The fact that she is running for re-election to the BOS is irrelevant. Those who are in the know, know for a fact that Janet wants to run for Lorettta Sanchez’s seat. So getting her opinion on gay marriage and a Womans Right to choose now is just as important now as it will be when she runs for either Lorettas seat or Lou Correas seat.

  9. Paul Stop Working For Dina Paul Stop Working For Dina May 17, 2008

    Thanks for watching Loretta’s back. Why don’t you leave that up to the professionals and quit being a shill for the Schroeder/Van Tran/Dina machine? You are too large to be a good Trannie.

  10. Chris Prevatt Chris Prevatt Post author | May 17, 2008

    Well Paul,

    If and when Janet or any of the other candidates in this contest choose to run for an elected office that makes that question relevant, then they should answer. The Supreme Court ruling on marriage equality is about as relevant as whether Janet is a commie.

    This post is about the allegations that Janet Nguyen is a Commie. The Bolsavik posted it, and it is an example of how some in the Vietnamese community have failed to grasp the duality of freedom of speech. That freedom extends to both those who you agree with, and those you don’t

    The issue of the Commies in Little Saigon is a wedge issue based upon rumor and innuendo. It amounts to nothing more than 21st century McCarthyism. The “anti-communist” flames in Orange County are being fanned by Van Tran and his proxies, who include Dina Nguyen. These jackasses have chosen to disrupt businesses on Main Street in Garden Grove with their loud and obnoxious protests. They have assaulted people and damaged private property. They are thugs. They are Van Tran’s thugs. It is amazing how his proxy Dina Nguyen was suddenly able to “negotiate” the end of the protests. I wonder if Van Tran had anything to do with that.

    Dina and Janet have said the same thing about the protesters. Hoa Van Tran has thus far escaped attack on this issue; probably because the majority of the Vietnamese community view his campaign as an embarrassment and irrelevant.

    If you would like to debate real issues that affect the people of the first district as it relates to the job of Supervisor, great. If you don’t, wait till you do.

  11. Chris Prevatt Chris Prevatt Post author | May 17, 2008

    Oh yes, I forgot to add that Hoa Van Tran earlier in the week in a campaign mailer (that misspelled his web address) accused Janet Nguyen of being a communist sympathizer for accepting contributions from people who hosted a reception for the Vietnamese President Nguyen Minh Triet in Dana Point last year.

    Give me a freakin break here.

    As it is, Hoa Van Tran cannot even report his own campaign expenditures by reading his check book. (God only knows if he is reporting all of his contributions.) I find it really absurd that a Democrat would accuse someone of having communist sympathies just because a contributor held a reception for the President of Vietnam.

    I guess that would make George W. Bush a Muslim extremist sympathizer because he held hands with the King of Saudi Arabia, a country that allegedly funds Muslim extremists.


    Only a Vietnamese could understand a Vietnamese, so all of you please get lost!!!!! We will take care of our matter internally….

  13. Chris Prevatt Chris Prevatt Post author | May 17, 2008


    You must be one of those who doesn’t understand the concept of FREE SPEECH.

  14. Vern Nelson Vern Nelson May 17, 2008

    Yeah gossipsaigon, you’re Americans now. Aren’t you??

  15. Joey Joey May 18, 2008

    Janet is no communist but she is a political opportunist.

    She would take a picture with a political communist if it meant a campaign contribution, she would bash “Mexicans” if it meant added votes in a special election, she will support the Marraige admendement if she has to run in November.

    I like the relevency excuse, a classic PR political ploy!

  16. Teacher Teacher May 18, 2008

    Wow Hoa Tran sending out a mailer in Vietnamese that Janet is a communist for accpeting donations from Lee’s Sandwiches. So what does Hoa do put up signs at Lee’s sandwiches how pathetic

  17. Chris Prevatt Chris Prevatt Post author | May 18, 2008

    Given this logic, since I was given a Spotlight Award by the City of Garden Grove in 2006, and both Janet Nguyen and Bill Dalton were present, I must be a Commie.

  18. Paul Lucas Paul Lucas May 18, 2008

    You dodged his issue of the relevance of a woman’s right to choose and same sex marriage with the cloak of relevancy say it does not matter because she cannot effect that issue in the BOS. However, Janet also cannot effect immigration but she rode a wave of racist fervor all the way to the fifth floor in the last special election.

    So the fact that she cannot effect the issue of no consequence to her to use it to stir up peoples hate to get herself elected. I wonder how you will feel if she has to run in November and she starts bashing the latest decision by the court and starts bashing immigrants again in order to ride a wave of hate and bigotry to re-election. Will you still give her a pass on the issue because your fear of Van Tran is so great that you will trash Hoa and Dina in favor of Janet Nguyen?

  19. Chris Prevatt Chris Prevatt Post author | May 18, 2008


    I will quote from a post that Sean Mill wrote on April 14th.

    Recently the “Trannies”, including Dina Nguyen, took a trip to the Mexican border at taxpayers expense for a photo-op and to express their support for the border fence. I guess when all else fails, play the old reliable “hate” card.

  20. Joey Joey May 19, 2008


    Your not a communist.

    Your not a hard line democrat. You oppose the sole democrat running for the 1st district.

    Your not in that group Janet refers to as “Mexicans” because who really likes someone that hates them.

    You feel that no matter how wrong a candidate is on a particular issue, there is no relevancy issue when a candidate can’t effect that particular issue.

  21. Chris Prevatt Chris Prevatt Post author | May 19, 2008


    I will not blindly support someone just becaus they have a D after their name. So yes, I am not a hard line Democrat if that is the criteria.

  22. Banned Dina from Politics Banned Dina from Politics May 29, 2008

    This is how Dina gets her face and her name covered in the local papers!!! By using paid writers and Van Tran’s influence over these local papersTO SPREAD HIS HATE, HIS LIES AND HIS PROPAGANDA

    This is one of the reasons why people say Dina’s background is SHADY!!!

    This is JANET’S reponse to Dina and her clans dirty tricks of calling janet a COMMUNIST, how pathetic!!!

    This one you must read, it will tell you how DUMB this candidate is, it will also tell you that those that helped her campaign don’t even want the public to know; WHY? It will also tell you that Van is really the one behind this campaign, we know all along it’s Van Tran against Janet NOT Dina at all, she has no ability.


    The Trannies are NOT communist, THEY ONLY ACT LIKE IT!!!

  23. Arthur Tran Arthur Tran May 29, 2008

    All the TRANNIES love to hog the lime light don’t they? What role do they all play in securing our BORDERS? Do they really need to take that trip to the Mexico border with our TAX DOLLARS? This is how DINA want to cut back wasteful spending? What a joke!!! what a bunch of idiots

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