CA-42: NEA Endorses Ed Chau for Congress

This just in from the Ed Chau campaign! Once again, it’s full steam ahead for Ed Chau with another BIG endorsement. Check out who’s now supporting Chau below. 🙂

*National Education Association Endorses Ed Chau for Congress*

*Action Follows Similar Moves by CTA and CFT *

*ROWLAND HEIGHTS, California* The Ed Chau for U.S. Congress campaign is very pleased to announce its endorsement by the umbrella organization of the California Teachers Association.

The NEA Fund for Children & Public Education is based in Washington, D.C., and represents 3.2 million members nationwide. According to its Mission Statement, The NEA Fund is the largest and most effective national political committee working to elect candidates to Congress and the Presidency who will fight to safeguard and strengthen public education for each and every American child. Remarkably, the NEA Fund does not use dues to raise funds; rather, all of the money it raises from members comes in the form of voluntary donations.

Ed Chau has sought to embody the same themes that characterize the NEA Fund: education as a means to achieve a greater good and voluntary public service. As an elected school board official that oversees nearly 33,000 students, Chau knows firsthand the various challenges faced by teachers, students and administrators. In addition to asking NEA members that live in the district to play a leadership role in the campaign, Reg Weaver,
Chairperson of the NEA Fund, hopes to help Ed Chau advance the interests of children and public education.

*Ed Chau is a highly qualified Democratic candidate for Congress who will fight for ethics and integrity in the U.S. Congress. For more information, please visit his web site at


  1. I am so glad to hear that. I got to shake hands with Mr. Chau yesterday at the Day of Action. I am glad to see that some of our prospective elected officials are getting involved in fighting for education here in the US. We need more candidates that aren’t afraid of getting out and rallying for better work conditions.

  2. First CTA & CFT endorse Chau. Why???? As a member of CTA and NEA for many years, I cannot understand why either one would endorse him? I know that my PAC monies are not being used and that my voice is not being heard by my associations!!!

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