Obama’s New Flag Lapel Pin

Much has been made about Barack Obama’s not wearing a flag lapel pin.  The Fox News crowd loves to use that as a wedge issue.  However yesterday at a speech in West Virginia the Illinois Senator was spotted wearing one and perhaps now I know why.

Several days ago Obama claimed that he had visited all “57 states” during a campaign appearence in Oregon.  Maybe Obama has refused to wear the flag lapel pin until there was one that had stars representing all “57 states”.  Well thanks to the folks at Suitably Flip he now has one.  If you want to join the Harvard educated Obama in honoring all “57 states” you can order your lapel pin by clicking here.

For the record I feel the issue of wearing a flag lapel pin is quite ridiculous and is by no means a test of one’s patriotism.  However I find it to be equally ridiculous for Senator Obama to start wearing one in what can only be construed as an attempt to pander for votes.



  1. Sean-

    Good catch. I guess not even Barack Obama is “perfect”. And no, I don’t see how this can be blamed on Hillary Clinton. Everyone just needs to take a breather, and we need to let the voters decide.

  2. Sean, considering how people talk about both candidates, I’m sure he’s heard it often and to his face. I don’t think he’s a hypocrite, someone gave him a pin and he WORE IT.

    How dare he.

    The fact that you took the time to bring it up shows that you do not believe it’s a small issue, you think it’s huge.

  3. No Heather I actually do not think it’s huge. I found it to be mildly amusing that someone created a flag lapel pin with 57 stars on it and that suddenly Obama has begun wearing the pin again.

    It’s a little humorous.

    I figure if Dems are gonna continue to whack Dems here locally, why not take a swing at “Obama almighty” with a little humor. Lighten up.

  4. Sean, Chris posted somethings here and I believe the phrase “Lighten up” was thrown around then. It goes both ways.

    And you hinted that Obama was a hypocrite, it’s not a lighthearted take on the issue, there is animosity behind your post and it bleeds through quite easily. You believe that you hide your contempt for Obama well, but you don’t.

    As far as I’m concerned, the Clinton supporters around here are bullies. I’ve always said and still say that I would support Clinton was if she was nominee. But how dare I question her and her campaign?

    I’m tired of internet bullies and I’m tired of the conversation coming back to some shortcoming of mine because I don’t happen to agree with you.

  5. We’re bullies? Why is that? Because we won’t kneel and worship at the alter of “Obama almighty”?

    Heather I did not hint at my belief that Obama is a “hypocrite”, I think he is one. I also think he is a phoney. All this talk about “change” is simply that, talk. He is no different than any other politician, though he wants us to believe that he is.

    If you truly were tired of “internet bullies” you would have joined me in my condemnation of those involved in using Chief Walters divorce settlement to smear him and called for the “bullies” to be banned from our site. You chose to join in the chorus bashing me for calling them on their dispacable actions.

    As far as bringing up a “shortcoming” of yours I have no idea what you are talking about.

    Enjoy watching the election returns tonight. I know I will.

  6. Sean, I questioned your methods not your intentions. The pissing contest between the juice and this blog is something I just don’t want to partake in. There was nothing wrong with defending Chief Walters and it was admirable on your part, I just did not agree with how you went about it, that’s it.

    You are a bully, your tactics are confrontational and you refuse to see that your methods incite more anger and more bullying behavior. Talk about a hypocrite.

    I don’t expect people to bow to Obama, he’s not my original candidate of choice but I believe he’s the best candidate left running. I don’t think he’s perfect and I don’t think people should bow to him. He’s admitted that he’s a politician, he’s admitted that he’s not perfect and he’s been humble and forthcoming. I just don’t agree with the picture you paint of Obama and that’s my perogative.

  7. I’m a hypocrite and a bully? Actually Heather I am very consistant and I do not say one thing and do another. And I don’t pick on anyone. If you put yourself out there you should expect to catch something now and again.

    You are correct in your assertion that I am willing to get in someones face. You don’t defeat punks and bullies by simply walking away. You can sing kumbaya with them if that is how you think you can neutralize them. I’ll handle them the way I choose.

  8. Note to Frank — I deleted your comment. Find another word please.

    Sean — Heather came to the blog as someone with strong ties to the Edwards campaign.

    Heather – I don’t view Sean as a bully; in regards to issues with OJ, we’ve asked them not to promote their posts here. I don’t allow cigarette smoking in my house (my dad was a three pack a day man); so I ask politely the first time. If they light up a second time, I take the cigarette away and am a tad more forceful. If they still don’t get it and light up a third time, I’m showing them the door. This blog is our house so to speak.

  9. Heather,

    50, 57 whats the difference? It was a funny post. You give it way too much credit to seek some deep evil intent. Obama misspoke and others used his sometimes clumsy comments on lapel pins to needle him over it. Let it go, it was funny for 30 seconds. Thats all it would have lasted if you wouldn’t give it additonal energy.

    Hate to say it, but its starting to sound a lot like the last days of the Edwards campaign. Obama has a mathematically insurmountable lead enjoy that and look to a great race in November.

    (and this is coming from a Hillary supporter!)

  10. Gee, thanks for your keen grasp of the obvious. How about this…name me ONE…just ONE…politician who has NEVER pandered for a vote.

    And don’t tell me Hillary Clinton. Otherwise YOU will be the hypocrite.

    HELLO! These are politicians. This is what politicians do. It’s entirely irrelevant to their core values and their stance on ISSUES.

  11. Because we won’t kneel and worship at the alter of “Obama almighty”?

    It is “altar,” Sean.

  12. Sen. Obama has said that while there is nothing wrong with a flag pin and that there are appropriate occasions for wearing one, too often it is used as a superficial substitute for genuine patriotism. He says that too often people who wear a flag pin shred the constitution, trample on our civil rights, and ignore the law. He questions the legitimacy of that kind of patriotism and suggests it is false. That’s not Obama’s kind of patriotism and Sean, I suspect it’s not your kind of patriotism, either.

    By the way, I ask this: Why does no one ask about Sens. Clinton or McCain wearing one? What about Sen. Obama is different to the others that this is even a question?

  13. Bill,

    I could care less who wears a flag lapel pin or places their hand over their heart during the national anthem. I just wish that Senator Obama would have stuck to the practice of not wearing one. Stay consistant.

    As Samuel Johnson stated in 1775, “Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.”

  14. You flatter me. And you read into my comment more than is there. I do find it unpleasant to take credit for something I didn’t do, no matter how generous the honor.

  15. Oh Sean , you’re just a big bully! LOL

    I think the whole thing is funny. Obama just had a slip of the tongue after a tiring day. It happens. Reagan used to roll with those punches and Obama will need to do so as well.

    Bill-On a serious note, to answer your question I suspect it is because a) Obama is still a quasi-unknown commodity for many Americans for whom labels, pins, religion, state of origin, race, etc, can be connectors for people who don’t otherwise have a lot of familiarity with a presidential candidate, b) Obama’s early opposition to the Iraq War combined with some of his positions on defense related matters give some pause about whether he is for lack of a better phrase “pro-American” enough(these are mostly Republicans who wouldn’t vote for a Democrat anyway), c) some people will combine a&b an add their opinion that all Democrats are “soft on America,” d) his associaition with Rev. Wright and Rev. Wrights well-known comments e) flag pins are seen far more frequently on men than women, hence not the expectation for Clinton to wear one and f) McCain is a war hero, its a silly question for him.

    I think it was a mistake for Obama to have taken off the flag pin in the first place. He’s right that many who have worn the pin have dishonored the country, shred our constitution and trampled on our civil rights. I agree thats not patriotism. But you could say the same thing about saluting the flag, singing the star spangled banner and reciting the pledge of allegiance–plenty of constitution shredders and civil rights trampelers slaute the flag, sing the song and say the pledge but he’s not giving up those things is he? Damm, we should not give up the flag, the pledge or other symbols of our country to those who have abused our rights. You know in the 70’s and ealy 80’s it used to be hard to find American flags at Democratic Party campaign rallies. Then the Democrats realized its our flag too. And our numbers starting going upwith people for whom these symbols of our country are important.

    I’m glad Senator Obama is back wearing the flag pin. For those who may not know him well it might allay concerns.

  16. Hillary has lost. Please attack McCain not a fellow Democrat

  17. The Lester Maddox syndrome, in democratic politics were the second place finisher is the appointed winner.

    Who are the democratic going to choose or broker to lose to McCain November 08?

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