Be a Part of the DAY OF ACTION!

Wow! Check this out! This just came from the Democratic Party of OC into my inbox, and it’s something you DEFINITELY don’t want to ignore!


Dear Andrew,

The Governor is balancing the budget on the backs for working families!

union With education cuts of $4.4 billion to cutting funding for Medicare – students, seniors and public employees are under attack. It’s time to unite and rally!What: Orange County March & Rally to stop the Governor from balancing the budget on OUR back!

Who: Concerned residents of Orange County and Public Employees.

When: Thursday, May 15th – 4:30 pm to 6:00 pm

Where Plaza of the Flags – Civic Center, Santa Ana CA

For more information, please contact Tim Steed at

I hope that you can attend!

In solidarity,

Melahat's Signature
Melahat Rafiei, Executive Director

Democratic Party of Orange County

phone: 714-835-5158


  1. Wow!

    Hey Andrew, shouldn’t you be on your way to Debbie’s office in Huntington Beach right now? I thought we were going to be registering voters together.


  2. Vern-

    Calm down, it’s OK. I’m on my way to Debbie Cook’s office right NOW. I’ll see you there at 10. 🙂

    And btw, did you notice that this “Day of Action” is on the 15th?

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