Indiana & North Carolina Primary Results OPEN THREAD

UPDATE: Barack Obama’s projected to win North Carolina. With just over 40% reporting, Hillary Clinton is maintaining a healthy lead in Indiana. So it just may look like a draw. Stay tuned…

OK, you should know the drill by now… But I think I’ll shake it up a little nonetheless. Go over to CNN to see what the election results are looking like. Or if you like some more progressive analysis with your election news, check out my friends at MyDD.

So who will be the big winner tonight? Can Barack Obama win his neighbor state, Indiana? Can Hillary Clinton surprise us in North Carolina? What will happen? Will the state of the Presidential Race change again?

Tell me what you think. Really, it’s OK. Tell me who you think is the big winner tonight, and who’s looking like a loser… Heck, you can even tell me if you don’t think there really are any winners & losers tonight!

So anyways, I’ll occasionally update you on the results… So play nice! 🙂


  1. Obama will maintain his pledged delegate and popular vote lead, which amounts to a loss for Hillary. She needs to do better than tie him.

    And before anyone goes off on the “why can’t Obama close the deal” red herring…he IS closing the deal. We are getting closer and closer to the end of the primaries and he’s ahead. He’s closing the deal. The notion that it should have been done before now completely discounts the fact that we have two very strong candidates having a competitive battle.

  2. Anon- I agree 100%. And just a month ago Clinton was ahead in Indiana as much as 16 points, right now with 49% reporting it’s down to 10%. He’s closing the deal. Clinton was trying to say a win in Indiana would be a come back for her, again. Not the case. She’s always been predicted to win Indiana.

  3. anon 5:07-

    Nice try at the spin, but it isn’t working. Congrats on North Carolina, but wasn’t he originally expected to win there? In fact, I remember Obama himself saying “Indiana is the tiebreaker”. So does that now change if he loses Indiana?

    Face it. The delegate count is still close. It looks like Hillary Clinton may be able to maintain a narrow popular vote lead (when ALL THE VOTES from all the states are counted), and I don’t see a reason why she needs to be forced out of the race now.

  4. Heather-

    Not exactly. Only one poll had Hillary up 16. But a few days later, another poll came out showing Obama up 5. And just this morning, Zogby predicted Obama would win IN by 2. Sorry, but your candidate said himself that “IN is the tiebreaker”. So does that still stand if he loses IN?

  5. Obama also said a win is 50 percent plus 1. Its a close basketball game folks and there’s time on the clock. Neither of them can win in regulation and its going into overtime.

    Obama doesn’t have a prayer of carrying NC in the general, but Hillary can carry Indiana in the general.

  6. Andrew, who said anything about her being forced out of the race? So Obama was expected to win N.C. and he did…and she was expected to win Indiana and she did. So what? Nothing’s changed. That’s not spin, it’s just the cold reality.

    Oh and by the way, Obama HAS to say things like “Indiana is the tiebreaker”…he’s running a campaign for chrissake. Ever heard of trying to fire people up?

  7. Hillary’s win in Indiana is a bit of an upset, and unless he wins NC with as big a lead as in previous states with similar demographics, it will mean a slip in his momentum. He’s still running negative against her, and he’d promised not to, and the voters are said to dislike that. It seems his message is sinking in as her negatives are higher, but it’s not winning him friends or new voters, he’s having a hard time keeping those who had supported him. I think the longer it goes on the better it looks for her, she gains some he loses some. It’ll be close in any event, but everyone needs to remember Florida and MIchigan, he’s kept them from revoting, which doesn’t ‘feel’ fair, and with those states she’d be even closer to him. We’l have to see how the popular votes goes in the remaining states. She can’t be bullied out, but she’s got a great chance if she overtakes him in popular votes without counting Florida and Michigan and if they get the rvote they’re asking for in August, and she wins them twice, she’ll be our nominee. It’s nice that it’s taken so long, without the whining and bullying it would be more pleasant but this is democracy, after all.

  8. Sorry Gila. But I can’t help it . It’s time to get on the Obama Bus.
    For the Good of the Nation and the Good of the Party.

    GET ON THE BUS! : )

  9. Please, rarely do primaries go this long and when they do, when they go to the convention, the party that is split has lost every single time. I don’t see how this is good for Democrats at all.

    He’s had a rough couple of weeks and he’s still doing well. And HE’s gone negative? Please, Clinton opened that can of worms. Obama takes her on her policy issues, the gas tax holiday is bogus for one thing.

  10. Its said, Democrats fall in love (with a candidate) and Republicans fall in line (who’s really happy about McCain?).

    Even if this goes to Denver, we come out of it with a nominee and that nominee is already outraising John McCain 8 to 1; we will unite behind the winner and take back the White House in November.

  11. With all due respect……………………….

    The HRC dream is over. Denial is one of the stages of grief. But you must face facts.

    Time to get behind Obama and go fight the Republicans!

  12. Time to Let Go… you have obviously never won a game at the buzzer. I’ll stick with my girl until she’s done.

  13. did anybody see Lanny Davis whining and crying and going off on David Gergen. Drama…………….. Perhaps he needs some new talking pts

    Also did you see Bill Cinton’s face during her speech? So Sad, forgot to applaud at the right time.

  14. It’s Obama winning at the buzzer. I’m so glad we finally have a nominee.

  15. If it wasn’t for Heathers LAST comment I would have thought the Obamaphites had thought this was the Daily Kos, that pit of vipers., and were commenting in their usual snide or myopic way.
    A good win for Obama and a good, but not as big win for Clinton. And a disapointing night for the cackling Kossack hordes waiting to do a death dance on Hillary’s presidential campaign which a loss in Indiana might have prompted. But a thanks to Heather for her gracious congrats. And back at you for North Carolina. It’s been a dry two months for Obama but a win is a win, favored or no.

    But Heather, you are in error when you claim Clinton was always predicted to win. My source? Heather Pritchard a few comments down who acknowledges that only 2/3 of the polls had Clinton ahead. But I’ll take a win in Obama’s back yard, where 25% of the state is in the Chicago media market and he outspent her by 40%(75% in North Carolina). I never heard the Obama folks discount their razor thin win in Missouri.

    Speaking of money, I haven’t been hearing too much about the need for public financing of campaigns from the Obama campaign. Situational ideology. Get used to it comrades.

    The race continues. Another thing you’re wrong about Heather (no, not the can of worms, although you’re wrong about that too) but your comment about the long primary(you’ve been wanting to cut it off for quite some time)not doing the Democrats any good. My source? Chairman Howard Dean who yesterday was very firm that the Democrats had reaped substantial rewards by the continuing election fight between Obama and Clinton. Millions of new registered voters and huge turnouts. Democrats energized in communities where they had never been energized before.. Obama has recognized this too. Both have said that the campaign should continue until the end of the primary season. Why is it so hard for his followers, and those of Chairman Dean, to agree? Or is it just good cop bad cop?

    As for me, go Hillary. Remember Florida. Remember Michigan.

  16. The race is officially over. Hillary is now losing the popular vote (even including FL and MI, sorry Andrew, you can’t claim that silly canard anymore), the pledged delegates, and states won. And there is absolutely no way for her to be the nominee without a MASSIVE super delegate defection from Obama. Even Gen. Wes Clark has called for her to step aside. She may wait until next Tues to drop out, but given that she has canceled all her appearances, I would expect an announcement either tomorrow or Thurs.

    Yes Hillary won in Indiana, but managed to squeak out 1 whole extra delegate from it. She really needed a double digit win (and that is a double digit to the left of the decimal, not the 1.x% it looks like it will be). And even with a double digit win, it would have still been unlikely for her to be the nominee, just given her some credibility to go to the Supers and beg for her political life.

    She will need to win every remaining contest with margins that Obama won SC and still have a massive Super deflection. Can we acknowledge that this race is finally over? Or are you die-hard Hillary supporters really going to take this all the way to the convention and guarantee a loss in November? Heather is correct about this. No candidate chosen at the convention has ever won. And if you Hillary supporters think that it is not over, please, I want a road map on how exactly she can win. I want numbers, names, the whole lot.

  17. NCS – Yes, I corrected myself, that was me saying I was wrong. I think I’m pretty good for a hardcore Obama supporter and you don’t give me quite enough credit, but that’s okay. I refrained from doing what many others did by saying Obama won Indiana with ten percent left to go.

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