A Special Message from the DNC on What’s Happening in CA

Wow! I just got this important message from someone special at the Democratic National Committee about something happening right now in California. While we’re focusing a lot of our attention on the Presidential race and on high-profile Congressional races all over the nation, we’re forgetting about something potentially dangerous happening in our own backyard.

Dear Andrew,
It’s an election year, and you know what that means: another discriminatory and destructive push to ban marriage for LGBT couples. Right now, conservatives are pushing for an amendment to the California constitution to couples from marriage for generations to come. They’re convinced that it’s a sure-fire way to divide their way to electoral success.
This effort is more than an attack on the LGBT community — it is designed to use the politics of a divisive ballot initiative to drive Republicans to the polls.
But you can fight back.
Across California, both gay and straight activists alike have organized volunteer opportunities to help educate voters about the proposed ballot measure. There are events this weekend and next in Orange County, and you can sign up right now.
Sign up here:


We won’t let divisive and hateful measures like this go unchecked. It is in all of our interests to keep this divisive measure off of the ballot, and we can do it with your help. Sign up today and help get the word out about this terrible ballot initiative.
Thanks for all your work,
Brian Bond
Executive Director
Gay and Lesbian Leadership Council
Democratic National Committee