The John McCain Drinking Game

I suggest something light like a lite beer or wine coolers because there is a 100 percent chance of being blotto by the end of the game.  The rule is simple.  Down one shot everytime John McCain says the words, “My friends….”

Drink two shots if Lieberman is in the crowd.

Hungover the next morning?  Good.  Its what a John McCain presidency will feel like.


  1. A better drinking game:

    Take a shot of tequila every time Obama says “Yes We Can” – two if the crowd reacts like their at a religious revival.

    Take a shot of Jaeger every time Obama mentions his opposition to Iraq liberation.

    Take a shot of Wild Turkey every time Obama recalls his roots as a community organiser on the streets of Chicago.

    You will be so wasted Obama will start looking appealing to you as a possible chief executive of the United States.

  2. As I laid in bed watching CNN and its coverage of the inevitable coronation of John McCain to be the new leader of the Republican Party I couldn’t help but think of how many times I’m going to want to just shoot myself every time McCain says, ‘my friends.’ Isn’t it the most obnoxious thing you’ve ever heard? I remember thinking, ‘this guy writes his own speeches because there isn’t a Communications Director or Campaign Manager in the world who would suggest he repeat that phrase so many times.’ So here’s a better idea…

    Republicans should play Russian Roulette every time he speaks and utters the hopefully soon-forsaken phrase. Trust me, with a six shooter in the center of the group, somebody WILL end up shooting themselves… instead of me.

    Seriously, where’s Dick Cheney when we actually need him? And yes, of course I’m kidding… sort of!


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